Michelle Fields and Megyn Kelly play the WOMAN CARD. 
If reporter Michelle Fields had been a man, this would never have been an issue. She got what she deserved for not obeying orders from the Secret Service. She was not supposed to touch Trump or get that close to him. Corey did his job which is to protect Trump. The media are doing their best to destroy Trump , but it will not work.
Sen. Cruz has no integrity, no loyalty to his friends and is a HOT HEAD LIKE OBAMA who makes judgment on people BEFORE all the facts are in or the person is found guilty. Trump has more integrity and stands by his friends even when it is not politically correct. It is Michelle Fields who broke the law  by touching Trump.  The more I learn about Sen. Cruz, the less I respect him.

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Comment by Franklin W. on April 13, 2016 at 11:34pm

"Marco" Cruz is a Rubio clone.   

He has dumped his original campaign message and placed his loyalty with the establishment RINOs to get what he wants.  He has zero chance of winning a national election.  He has sold out his Tea party base to get RINO help in beating Trump and being the nominee.  Cruz has shown he is quite comfortable bypassing the people to win "voterless" elections.

"Marco" Cruz along with mitt romney and the RINO big shots have set up a situation where republicans can lose the WH in 2016 and possibly never win it again.  

Republicans can not restore trust and credibility in the GOP & RNC let alone Congress and federal government.

The silence of local and State Republican party groups shows their agreement with the shoddy and dishonest treatment of Republican voters.

#NeverRepublicans    They were given another chance to redeem themselves in 2014 and all they have done is spit on Republican voters.  They did not deserve another chance in 2014 but voters gave them one anyway.

No more.  Cut them out the same way registered Republican voters were cut out of the nominee process in Colorado.

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