Charlie Crist Defends George W. Bush, Reminds Floridians Why He Abandoned Them

You gotta love this.  Crist doesn't even realize he bailed when things looked bad, and Governor Scott took the up the challenge of dealing with a massive economic meltdown......................and succeeded and turning the tide for us.  This whiny poor little me stuff is so like something Crist would do and all those things we have researched and found to be bad for us and our state are the very things he wants to ram down our throats.  Scary.

Charlie Crist Defends George W. Bush, Reminds Floridians Why He Abandoned Them

“It was a global economic meltdown and the notion that anyone person, let alone any one governor brought that on is absurd…“It’s laughable.”-Charlie Crist

This was Crist response to reporters in Tallahassee, Florida, when addressing Rick Scott’s and the Republican Party of Florida’s claim that he was responsible for Florida’s past economic woes. Even though the comparison between Scott’s and Crist’s respective gubernatorial stints in office, clearly shows that under Scott, more jobs have been created, more taxes have been slashed, and the states economy is a better point than what it was under Crist’s guidance as governor of the state, you still can’t blame the economic collapse of the state or country on one person, right?

You really can’t, unless you are Charlie Crist’s Democrat Party, which is led by non other than President Barack H. Obama, who is still running for President, and using the “Blame Bush for the economy” campaign tactic whenever it suits his needs, or when there is some negative report on economy or jobs growth.

To this day, Obama and his Democrat establishment continue to blame President George W. Bush for the “global economic meltdown” Crist is referring to. Just because I think it worth mentioning but, all of you do know that Crist was a Republican when Bush was President, right?

But you probably already knew that ;)

Crist also expressed the reason why he is running for his old job. You know, the job he quit in 2009 to run for higher office, because  he believed that he would serve Floridians best in the U.S. Senate.

“My  heart is broken for educators, for people who care about the environment, the economy and the great job opportunities we should be having in the Sunshine State. That’s what this is really about. The future.”-Charlie Crist

When Crist left the Governor’s mansion, Florida’s economy was in the gutter, and the state unemployment rate was at an all-time high.

 If he wants to be Governor so bad again, if he wants to come back to the state of Florida, and lead our state, why did he leave us when we had a 12% unemployment rate, and the state of Florida was having its hardest times? Weatherford continued,” Florida really needed a leader and stick up for them, why did he chose to leave?

 I don’t know how he is going to answer it. -Rep. Will Weatherford (Shark Tank)

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