By Derby Ulloa                                                   email:         Feb. 28, 2019


Most Republicans say they do, but keep voting for RINOs, Never Trumpers and Swamp politicians. In Jacksonville we have 4 choices for Mayor in the upcoming election, JIMMY HILL, Allen, Brosche, and Curry. The question is: What did Allen, Brosche and Curry do to help elect Pres. Trump in 2016 or Gov. DeSantis or Sen. Scott in 2018? The answer is NOTHING. And that is exactly what they will do in 2020. Northeast Florida is essential to keep Florida RED. If Jacksonville goes BLUE or RINO, the State of Florida will do the same and so will the country. We cannot afford another four or eight years of leftist (COMMUNIST) policies which will be the destruction of our great Christian Nation. Florida has the third largest number of electoral votes which are needed to win a Presidential election. JIMMY HILL, as Jacksonville Mayor will help us do that.

When candidate Trump held a rally at the Jacksonville Landing in 2016, there was no Mayor Curry to welcome him. Curry was supporting either Bush or Rubio (Trump enemies). When candidates DeSantis and Nunez or Ann Scott came to town, there was no Curry or Brosche to welcome them either. I know because I was there. However, JIMMY HILLL was there. JIMMY HILL has also attended and spoken at the recently created TRUMP CLUB events. I never saw Brosche or Curry there.

Ana Lopez Brosche is really a liberal Democrat who voted for the HRO and wants to take down our Confederate Memorials, this is anti-American. She now talks about conducting an audit of the City budget, but did not even mention it during her tenure as City Council President. She says her campaign is based on INCLUSION and DIVERSITY, which is nothing more than Democrat (Communist) speak. She was quick to condemn White Nationalists, but said NOTHING against Antifa or Black Lives Matter.

Current Mayor Lenny Curry took campaign money from the same donors who elected Democrat Alvin Brown and broke his campaign promise to conservatives to oppose the HRO. He is now in the pocket of Jaguars owner Shahid Khan who is on his way to own or control a lot of Jacksonville and he never properly apologized for the actions of the knee-taking Jaguars players. This is anti-American also.

For more details about the corruption in City government or JIMMY HILL’S campaign platform please go to his website: or Jimmy Hill for Mayor on Facebook, email: or call him at 904-759-2758.

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Comment by jennifer on March 19, 2019 at 2:04pm
Thank you! Voting for Jimmy!

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