Ukraine is the new Covid. It is used to take attention away from Biden's corruption. Why spend BILLIONS on helping a corrupt regime and leave our borders wide open for illegal immigration which includes drugs and terrorism? If Ukraine were to be swallowed up by Russia, that would not affect our lives in the US, but allowing foreign invaders to enter our country is causing the victimization of thousand of American citizens by these ILLEGAL aliens.  If the Main Stream Media and the Biden Administration are siding with corrupt, pervert Zelensky , that should be enough to tell you we should support the other side. Or we could just let them fight it out without taking either side and waisting our military resources on something that does not greatly concern us, our BORDERS are a much more important  issue as well as getting rid of the FRAUDULENTLY ELECTED Biden regime. The 2022 elections will be stolen just like the 2020 elections. Democrats will continue to cheat, and Republicans will continue to accept the cheating. Unless the 2020  ELECTION FRAUD is corrected, there  will not be another HONEST election ever again in the USA . Florida is but one of few States that has a half decent voting system. If other States continue to CHEAT, we will be on the same boat as in 2020 , and our country will continue to deteriorate until we have no USA as we have known it for generations.

No aid to Ukraine, but AID  to the American people who are suffering from illegal aliens and the corrupt Biden regime. Without HONEST elections nation wide, we WILL LOSE OUR COUNTRY AND OUR FREEDOM.

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Comment by Babs Jordan on May 22, 2022 at 3:28pm

Hey Derby, while I don't completely agree with everything here, there are many reasons not to give 40 billion to Ukraine while our own borders are under attack.  2000 Mules should open anyone's eyes that hasn't already figured out what happened with the 2020 election....that is if it gets out enough for people to see it. While I understand that it needed to be funded, the fact that it's not free will keep many people from spending money on something they may only be curious about. 

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