FCTP: HRO REFERENDUM is the way forward. PLEASE READ - Continue the calls/emails and a reminder.

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Additional Information

City Councilman Gulliford held a public meeting yesterday. The link below takes you to the Florida Times Union story this morning.


Also, please continue to CALL and EMAIL the City Council members urging them to vote no on expanding the HRO.

"Let the citizens decide."

District Council Members

District 1: Joyce Morgan
Phone: (904) 630-1389
Email: JoyceMorgan@coj.net
Assistant: Darren Mason

District 2: Al FerraroPhone:

(904) 630-1392
Email: Ferraro@coj.net
Assistant: Connie Holt

District 3: Aaron L. Bowman
Phone: (904) 630-1386
Email: ABowman@coj.net
Assistant: Terrance Freeman

District 4: Scott Wilson
Phone: (904) 630-1394
Email: SWilson@coj.net
Assistant: Jackie Lee

District 5: Lori N. Boyer
Phone: (904) 630-1382
Email: LBoyer@coj.net
Assistant: Nicole Spradley

District 6: Matt Schellenberg
Phone: (904) 630-1388
Email: MattS@coj.net
Assistant: Audrey Braman

District 7: Reggie Gaffney
Phone: (904) 630-1384
Email: RGaffney@coj.net
Assistant: Sirretta Williams

District 8: Katrina Brown
Phone: (904) 630-1385
Email: KBrown@coj.net
Assistant: Dana Lewis

District 9: Garrett L. Dennis
Phone: (904) 630-1395
Email: GarrettD@coj.net
Assistant: Rupal Wells

District 10: Reginald L. Brown
Phone: (904) 630-1684
Email: RBrown@coj.net
Assistant: Gerrie Ford-Hardin

District 11: Danny Becton
Phone: (904) 630-1383
Email: DBecton@coj.net
Assistant: Dan Macdonald

District 12: Doyle Carter
Phone: (904) 630-1380
Email: DoyleC@coj.net
Assistant: Rebekah Hagan

District 13: Bill Gulliford
Phone: (904) 630-1397
Email: Gulliford@coj.net
Assistant: Carol Harper

District 14: Jim Love
Phone: (904) 630-1390
Email: JimLove@coj.net
Assistant: Kevin Kuzel

At-Large Council Members

Group 1: Anna Lopez Brosche
Phone: (904) 630-1393
Email: ABrosche@coj.net
Assistant: Jeneen Sanders

Group 2: John R. Crescimbeni
Phone: (904) 630-1381
Email: JRC@coj.net
Assistant: Nikki Evans

Group 3: Tommy Hazouri
Phone: (904) 630-1396
Email: THazouri@coj.net
Assistant: Haleigh Hutchison

Group 4: Greg Anderson
Phone: (904) 630-1398
Email: GAnderson@coj.net
Assistant: Leeann Krieg

Group 5: Samuel Newby
Phone: (904) 630-1387
Email: SNewby@coj.net
Assistant: Chiquita Moore


"There's always going to be a need for activism; there's always going to be a need for you and me doing the right thing, being very Lincoln-sonian in looking out for each other."

Henry Rollins

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