Thank you to one of our members for this great information!  Below are links to the James Madison site with a comprehensive breakdown about the views of our candidates, the impact, the facts and the proposed amendments.  If you have not voted yet or if you want confirmation that you made the right choice, check these out (also posted on the main page of our website):

Florida Election-2018

Florida Amendment Guide 2018

We are down to the wire! There couldn't be a more stark difference! With the right choices, we can continue our trend in Florida to a better future and maintain our lower taxes. We would be ranked 49th or 2nd worst state for businesses if Gillum is elected. Right now we're the 14th! That sucking sound would be businesses leaving Florida! The left wing media and big money Progressive backers are trying hard to bring us down.

I believe in my heart that we are too smart for that and the Rising Red Sea of voters will hit the polls and keep us free from the growing Socialist agenda!  I also believe we're too smart to think our vote won't count. When we see a race won by two votes in our own district, it sticks with you.  Something you never forget!

Let's celebrate our victory on Wednesday, knowing we were a part of it!!!

In Liberty!! 

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Comment by Babs Jordan on November 4, 2018 at 4:55am

I'm a poll worker on Tuesday. Where we voted in Oceanway, they said it was steady there too. Everyone's pretty excited about the turnout. Thanks for weighing in!

Comment by Jessie B Pittman on November 3, 2018 at 12:01pm

Wife and I voted ,Murray Hill library said they had been steady busy ,long lines,never have seen a turn out like this year

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