It is so encouraging to hear Americans, and especially those that are people of faith, say those words: "I support Israel!".  (This is especially for Betty and Marta. So great to meet you both:-)


I was talking to some of our awesome ladies in the parking lot after the AGENDA meeting this evening. This very topic was touched upon and that sentiment was expressed.  How awesome!  


It is so important that such wonderful words of support find translation into actions that can make a difference for those living in Israel.  In a sense making it so they can really "feel" that support.  


I had suggested that one way they could put some 'feet' to that conviction is to donate to one of the many proven and worthy charities over there that are providing critical services for all residents of the Holy Land.  I have a lot of friends there and know, personally, people involved in some of them. Two that I support concentrate on orphans and the less fortunate.

Feed Israel - http://www.israelhelp.com/

(My Rabbi's wife's parents in Israel. My favorite.)

Yad Ezra v'Shulamit - http://www.yadezra.net/ 

(Friends in Israel of my friend here in Jax.)


One comment was made about what our gov't does in this area. Good question. (Although, trying to get away from looking to gov't for helping remedy social ills is what we are all about getting away from!!)  So I looked for some info on that.

Here is a congressional report:


another source:


A Jewish source:


(There's some hostile sources out there, too.)

But one thing on which they all agree - There are big bucks going to defense, economy, hospitals, schools, business and scientific research, but , no real and/or direct support for the hungry. So, it will be, as it should, the caring and generous individuals that will be the best help.  


Some others are internationally recognized for their integrity, like ARMDI and ZAKA. 

http://www.afmda.org/  (American Friends of Red Star of David - similar in some ways to the Red Cross, but are the major provider for blood in Israel; as well as ambulance services.) 

http://www.zaka.org.il/index_e.php  ( This one is the toughest job of all.  They ensure the respectful retrieval and handling of the remains of victims of accidents and terrorist attacks.)


Both of the above provide services to ALL people, regardless of race, nationality, etc.


May all who assist Israel be blessed with the blessing as it is expressed to Abraham and to Jacob in Genesis 12 & 27, respectively: Blessed are they who bless you (and) All the families of the earth shall bless themselves by you.



PS - Helen, thanx another time for your persistence to get me there tonight!!!!  

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