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Dear FoxNews Family and Associate Pundits,

(Please,It is important that this point gets aired and repeated so the public will know without a doubt, Please.)

This morning, 3 Sept 2012 on FoxNews, Gov Manchin's Chf of Staff Chris Kofinis stated and asked: WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE?......(interrupted by Terry Holt saying "Trillions of dollars....that's the difference. Kofinis counters, "Let me finish") THE FUNDAMENTAL…


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Have you seen "The Matrix"? Great movie! 

Are you alive and free? Or are you just a living "Copper-Top"?

Let me explain -  

In the story, the humans were one of two entities. A person that lived a true existence,  not wired into the psuedo-existence generator or a person plugged into a virtual…


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Lighthouse at Cape "Look Out!"



I know I am probably reading more into this than is there, but humor me.


In my last post I talked about the interesting correlations between the historical, political and financial significance of the way in which the 'earth moved under our feet' - womb to seat to wallet. 


I think it is extremely interesting, as well, that this and the current disturbance are totally unusual for this areas of our country where they have occurred!  But some…


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Proud To Be A Hobbit!


I wasn't sure what to call this: Hobbit-ually Yours,  The Hobbit-ual User,  Hobbit-ual Offender.  You can play with it.  Anyway........


It is amazing how this epithet has stuck. We know it was intended as an insult, at best.  A gross dismissal and marginalizing of a whole group of G*d-fearing, sensible, 'country-first' kind of Americans; attempting to push their concerns into the dimensions of fantasy and not be taken seriously, at worst.


I would…


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To Katherine re: Whole Lotta Shakin'


Hi Katherine. I have been looking up sources. I saw the dates of the burning of the capital as 24 Aug 1814. I have a conflicting source from a historical anthology (What So Proudly We Hail, by Kass, Kass & Schaub)that says on p747 , in a piece about the writing of "The Star Spangled Banner", the following :"......Key.....inspired.... by the unlikely success of American troops resisting the British attack on Baltimore's Fort McHenry…


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Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On!!!



I will develop this further, but I wanted to put a couple of thoughts down before they get away.


I could not help but notice that this very unusual earthquake began in the VA area, went into DC and was felt as far as NY!!  Virginia is basically the "womb" of our nation, NY the "wallet" and DC the "seat" of government.  I can't help but think that SOMEONE is trying to get our attention!!!  And in the three most significant places in America.  It is alarming…


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"I Support Israel!"



It is so encouraging to hear Americans, and especially those that are people of faith, say those words: "I support Israel!".  (This is especially for Betty and Marta. So great to meet you both:-)


I was talking to some of our awesome ladies in the parking lot after the AGENDA meeting this evening. This very topic was touched upon and that sentiment was expressed. …


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A Homeschool/Education "AGENDA"?



Hello everyone (especially those that attended "AGENDA" this evening);    I am soooooo thankful for everyone that came.  I am glad to be associated with sucha great group of people.  You guys are the best!


I tried to formulate some thoughts and share them (spur of the moment) in front of you. I fear I did a very poor job, so I'd like to revisit the theme of those…


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I hope we can all understand that we are all frustrated with where we are. And Democrats are part of our numbers, as well as Republicans, Independents and Libertarians. So personal and party slams will only divide us and drain the energy we need to win next November!! The issues and only the issues need to be our focus and how to solve them from here. It is important, though, that the history of something or someone be examined. It's like in the medical field (of which I am…


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The Happy Medium Channel?

B"H.  I don't know if it's such a good thing to jump on the "Hasner: I know Marco Rubio" bandwagon just yet. His rhetoric sounds conservative, but have you looked up some of the stuff he's supported or initiated? To most conservatives it isn't pretty!  I think there is a "body-snatcher" scenario going on here. It's like Rinos and Dems are going to night classes to learn how to articulate in "Conservo-Speak". Maybe it was when they saw the Reagan book in OB's hand and he actually tried to…


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M'aider!!....M'aider!! (May-day! May-day!!)



As I listened to Neil Cavuto, I was moved to disbelief when he acquiesced into silence at the explanation of a congressman that a "Super Congess" was a good thing, to "free up" the legislators to tend to other business. Excuse me! That IS their business! Neil knows finances, but not so much in matters of republic. Ugh!!

It is a sad commentary when even the conservatives…


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Our Ultimate Weapon


Regarding the organizers on the left, it was said - "THEY'RE WAY OUT AHEAD OF US." 

-implying a formidable entity to be dealt with.

But this emboldening thought crossed my mind -

As we go and as we do.....REMEMBER DAVID AND GOLIATH!!

We can take courage in studying and exemplifying David and his most important principle

(which is stated on our money). And this is ultimately our greatest weapon........



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National Debt Clock


The First CoastTea Party is a non-profit organization. We have no deep-pocketed special interest funding our efforts.

You may contact us at:

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