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As I listened to Neil Cavuto, I was moved to disbelief when he acquiesced into silence at the explanation of a congressman that a "Super Congess" was a good thing, to "free up" the legislators to tend to other business. Excuse me! That IS their business! Neil knows finances, but not so much in matters of republic. Ugh!!

It is a sad commentary when even the conservatives cannot recognize when we have lost our bearings. Because we have gotten away from our Constitutional foundation, we have now lost our reference points. Like a pilot experiencing confusion, when in a cloud or at night; he must rely in the instruments to fly right even when it is like he is blind.

We in our panicked ignorance, have resorted to what feels right, or what others are telling us is right. So much so, that the conservatives don't know what to make of it. We have allowed a "new" body to be created in the gov't. A step worse than even the czars (which should have been a red flag..... no pun intended). Congress has now relegated its purse powers to a council of 12*. ( Is this "the anointed one" and his disciples?) This just doesn't ring true. It's dissonant and sour. Something is very out of place like when your back slips a disk, or you've eaten something that doesn't agree with you and you feel queazy. Doesn't anyone think that the creation of this new entity should have required an amendment?!!!! This has now narrowed the seats of power that would need to be seized to further minimize the legislature and make greater parts of our system of checks and balances irrelevant.

And the timing at which this "solution" came, in the midst of all of the hoopla and fear-mongering. Obama "capitulated" too easily. Althought they are contending that the Republicans, who hold only 1/3 of the government, got 2/3 of the concessions, is a smoke screen. The 1/3 that the other 'side' got is the most vital piece of the deal. It's the main cog, the driveshaft, the motherboard of the works!! It will be the component that will twist our nation into an unrecognizable entity (that was known of and) never intended by our founders! .......an oligarchy.

And OB continues to spue the rhetoric. I suppose the leftist engineers are hoping that if their spokesman says it enough, and batters our ears with this class warfare, social justice and "corporate jet, privileged Americans" mantra, it will eventually" become true", and we will wither into submission, that this is just the way it is going to be.


We are experiencing governmental vertigo!!


And its all because we have allowed the instrument of the Constitution to fall into disuse, or disregard. We are ignoring the means by which we would right ourselves, and are subsequently "righting" ourselves into a tailspin. If not realized and corrected soon the United States of America will inevitably crash!! This is just EXACTLY what the far left has been working toward for at least the last 70 years.

We have a very short time left to heed the signs, find our horizon, and pull out of this pending disaster.

May G*d give us eyes to see and a heart of courage to do what is necessary to preserve this precious republic!

Dvora Fairfield


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Comment by Patricia M. McBride on August 3, 2011 at 4:59pm

You are right, we should be outraged, but these folks already have done it, and now, we will choose people who only want to increase taxes and gee what will congress do I wonder so the auto won't kick in.  Hmmm they will raise taxes, and then, we will hear how they had no choice.  Since Boehner already put it on the table, he will recommend passage and run for "re-election" explaining that "he had no choice".  My goodness why oh why must republicans always play the loser in all these deals. 


Do you think there is a chance in the world if we write a massive amount of letters at least a few people who have common sense could get on this board?

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