I wasn't sure what to call this: Hobbit-ually Yours,  The Hobbit-ual User,  Hobbit-ual Offender.  You can play with it.  Anyway........


It is amazing how this epithet has stuck. We know it was intended as an insult, at best.  A gross dismissal and marginalizing of a whole group of G*d-fearing, sensible, 'country-first' kind of Americans; attempting to push their concerns into the dimensions of fantasy and not be taken seriously, at worst.


I would love to present a different perspective. 


We as human beings are able to grasp truth through things that may not be "real".  Stories of archetypes in mortal and immortal characters: fiction that teaches.  We can glean moral lessons even from tales about talking animals, like Aesop's fables.


In the epic tales by Tolkien, we have not only been entertained by word and film, but presented with some moving truths regarding friendship, rising to one's potential, man's weakness or strength in the face of being presented great power, inner prejudices and greeds, as well as, inner fortitude that diplays overt acts of love and courage. Presented in fantasy, they are no less issues of truth and reality. 


One of the most glaring lessons we see in these tales of MIddle Earth, is the snap judgments of folks regarding a quiet, unassuming, and frankly, laughable little people as being insignificant and plain boring (if not stupid).  Not what one would consider casting in the role of "earth-shakers" or universal champions.  Yet, as the urgency of the looming danger stirs the inhabitants of this world, it is NOT the great and mighty warriors of men, the mystical creatures, or even the powerful sorcerers that bring the final deliverance.  It is the ones that wanted to be left alone to live their lives and not have "adventures", that bring sanity, goodness and peace home to the all. 


I don't know about you, but I think that describes me. (At least the "let me live my life" and maybe stupid part). I only hope that I might be able to do even a fraction of what is presented to us in these ingenious and inspiring tales of what one can aspire to do in the midst of "times that try men's souls".  May we all rise to the challenge and be the best Hobbit we can be!! 

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