Didn't think so, but if we as Conservative, Independent, Libertarian, Floridian voters of all cultures don't get to the polls and vote in November for Ron DeSantis, I can guarantee you that Andrew Gillum and his socialist agenda, backed by the likes of George Soros and Tom Steyer, will be our next governor. Think your vote won't matter?  We've witnessed here in Duval County how a race can be decided by just two votes!  Remember this?: Jay Fant wins state House primary by 2 votes - News4Jax

Andrew Gillum's first priority, according to his website, will be to appoint 3 new supreme court justices (they obviously will not be constitutionalists) He wants to legalize marijuana and put through a full repeal of the Stand Your Ground law.

His plan is to expand Medicaid and pay for it by raising the corporate tax rate to 7.75%. He adds that it's 1% lower than California, 9th highest in the nation.  What he doesn't add is that will cost jobs and erode our state economy.  With the corporate tax cuts from the Trump administration, small businesses and corporations alike have been able to add jobs and give long overdue raises. Gillum will remove this step forward!

Gillum makes no distinction between immigrants and illegal immigrants on his website. "It's time to abolish ICE" from his FB page, without acknowledging the accommodations Broward County offers illegals, complete with soccer field, library, hair salon, and any number of other surprising comforts that would be hard to believe with all the false accounts from recent protests.

There's so much more, but the point is to realize that if you do nothing, this is what we will face.  The effects will be decades long.

Ron DeSantis has long served the state of Florida faithfully, staying true to our Constitution with an 88% lifetime voting record by Heritage Action, he additionally served our country as a Navy JAG officer with military decorations including the bronze star medal for meritorious service and the Iraq campaign medal. Ron DeSantis is pro-life, a strong defender of the 2nd amendment, a strong supporter of the tax cuts and he needs our votes!  We need him as Florida's governor to keep us from moving back to higher taxes and less rights!

Ron DeSantis wants to maintain our low taxes to continue attracting business/jobs to Florida and keep our economy moving, not stifle it with higher taxes. Ron wants to enact E-verify, ensuring a legal workforce and higher wages for Floridians. Let's finally stop Sanctuary Cities and protect our citizens!  Ron DeSantis wants to bring American Civics back to our schools, teach the Constitution and give parents more control over school choice!


Want to get involved to stop a Socialist agenda in Florida? We will be posting contact information and voting schedules on the Home Page. If you cannot get involved, I get it, we're all on overload!  But talk to your friends and neighbors. DON'T LET THEM STAY HOME ON TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 6TH! 

In Liberty!

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