If Bill number 2011-0050 is passed, you will pay $13 when you request a new recycling boxes which isn't really all that interest but, what came out of the TRUE or Taxation, Revenue and Utilization of Expenditures Commission  review of the legislation was interesting.  You can read it at my Random Nonsense page .  Here are some quotes:

"$60,000 annual cost - This amount was based on the average annual number of bins (10,000) delivered to every request called-in to the city prior to July 2009.  The purchase cost of recycle bins during the time averaged around $5.80-$6.00."

"The new fee will apply to everybody, including new homes and/or new program participants."

"Recycling participation rate for the city is approximately 25-28%."

"Curbside recycling tons being diverted from the landfill are approximately 30,000 annually.  The current annual tons being landfilled are approximately 750,000.  At that rate (750,000/30,000) we estimate that every 25 years of curbside collection of recyclables saves a year of landfill space. "


Even if we all  recycled it would take over EIGHT  years to save ONE year of landfill space. 

SC-0492-08  RECYCLE BINS  8/29/2008  8/28/2011  1  NIEMI,E  REBRIG PACIFIC CO  $232,000.  That does not add up to $60,000 a year but, $77,333 a year.  
I could not find the budget numbers for what it costs to pick up the items or how much of the cost is offset by selling the recyclables.

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