It's too exciting not to post: We've been vindicated by the TU

Today is Sunday, May 22, 2011 and we must give kudos to the TU.  I’ll even refrain from calling them the Tiny Union since they made headways today to publish a story with facts vs opinions.


Article:  The front page headline of the TU states “Brown won it on issues, advisers, ground game”


We thank you for this great report.  It appears you finally did some factual reporting.  In doing so you vindicated what the tea party members said, posted, blogged, and pushed out as far as we could without a media giant behind us and with a small donation bucket from our tea party members.  Our vindication came with these facts made public in the article:


  • Quote:  “The ground game – paid workers who fanned out across the city to personally contact voters…”
    • Vindication:  We said the workers were PAID and we were up against a political machine.


  • Quote:  “Craig Kirby of Washington, DC, Brown’s campaign manager for the second election…”  and “Bacote, a Maryland resident who teaches canvassing techniques for the Congressional Black Caucus…”
    • Vindication:  We said “out-of-towners” were here and would frame who our mayor would be


  • Quote:  “In the end, the victory came because of all of those things coming together: the support of Republicans…”
    • Vindication:  Our questioning the cross-over of Republicans to a Democrat and asking them why they just didn’t announce they were really Democrats in their hearts.  We still encourage them to move to the correct party that they are called to instead of staying in the GOP as RINOs.



Article:  The Metro page headline:  Holland stands by mayoral race vote tally


A stolen private email among tea party leaders about the mayor’s race and how we could learn from it was put into the hands of Abel Harding.  He chose to put it into an article.  Thank you for this article.  We are proud to ask that every single vote count.  That’s been the mantra of the left so we think they were on to something here.   Joseph Stalin once said:  “It’s not WHO votes that counts.  It’s who COUNTS the votes.”



Article:  Editorial – Our next mayor has a long road ahead


“He did not meet with tea party leaders.  He should invite them to offer concrete suggestions.” 

Thank you editors!  We asked to meet with Mr. Brown over and over again during his campaign.  He ignored us.  He did not fill out our questionnaire.  He did not meet with the board.  He did not attend our Mayoral Town Hall Debate.  He did not respond to any of our requests.  We were stood up and we hope he heeds your advice.  We await his call.


So today the Tea Party can proudly say – “We told you so.”  You may have made fun of us for saying out-of-towners were here and paid workers were smoking pot outside the GOP headquarters (we called them Zombies since they had glassy eyes from the pot) BUT today you proved us right.  Thank you TU! 


And a special recognition to the team behind Alvin Brown – good job. 


We learned a lot and we’ll see you in November 2012.

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Comment by JL Gawlik on May 23, 2011 at 9:05pm

You are right Jim, i was just pointing out the like minded organizations out there, some say they are but are not really and i think they are organizations that the progressive liberals have started up to throw people off. Just as there are some phony Tea Party organizations which are really easy to spot because they do not support what we do and they get into smearing people and making racist comments. 


Our numbers are building daily, people are fed up with PC, with liberals, with progressives, with socialism in any form. President Obama has a proven track record, since 2007 Congress when the progressives took over Congress they have spent 2 - 3 trillion over revenues and they will have added over $7,000,000,000,000.00 plus trillion dollars to the US Debt as of Sept 2011 and they have been running the country with out a budget, word is now that Reid will NOT pass a budget that is passed by the house for 2012. Personally i think both him and Pelosi should be impeached for high crimes against the citizens of the USA and for trying to take down our government.


They are destroying our country before our very eyes and we must get the truth out and drown out their voices on their lies and twisted facts that they are accusing the conservatives of such as taking away Medicare and Social Security. There is going to be a interview with Israel Netanyahu tomorrow on Hannity on FOX News tomorrow night. Not to miss.

Comment by Jim Ryan on May 23, 2011 at 8:04pm

I would not run away from the "Tea Party."  There is good reason why the MSM, news anchors and producers, Democratic talking points, the Shumer's and Obama administration repeatedly attempt to belittle the Tea Parties.  Fear.  And more precisely, fear of exposing the truth.  The fabric of the tea Party along with the internet has shook them up and put the fear of God in them.  They used the "its all Bush's fault" and now they need the tea party to shift the blame away from their "payoffs", bribes, union thuggery,  ACORN - Black Panther election fraud, Eric Holder's Justice Department, run away deficit spending,failed stimulus, 9% unemployment, 17% real unemployment, immigration policy failure, amnesty for vote scheme, incorherent foreign policy and the total ineptitude of Barack Obama.  The nightly news repeats over and over again that the Republican field of candidates is disjointed.  They should have an endless stream of quotes from Conservatives telling them that last election we allowed liberal sources to pick our candidate and that this mistake will not be repeated.

Then they need to add if we could pick a candidate to run against it surely would be the confused and completely unqualified Obama.  He has broken every campaign promise other than the "redistribution of wealth" pledge.   He has set in course a plan that will help assure America will lose all its standing

as a leader in the free world.  That's a platform we welcome to debate and the Tea Party is the front and center group to lead that argument and debate.  They will try to discredit and destroy us by ridicule and mocking taunts.  We need to step up.

Before it gets to late in the game however I do think we need to send a message to "our servants" and start a "recall John Boehner campaign."  Let hi travel the country on the Pelosi jet.  He should be along with all the serious candidates in Joplin, Missouri right now with the other candidates while Obama is on another extended vacation.   Every time Obama gets schools like he did with Israel he takes a flyer and gets out of town till the heat cools off.  No more deals with the devil.  Lead of get out of the way.


Comment by John & Audrey Anderson on May 23, 2011 at 8:02pm
Good information - I am familiar with The Heritage Foundation.  I was not familiar with the others.
Comment by JL Gawlik on May 23, 2011 at 7:44pm
John & Audrey Anderson Billie, posted a earlier posts weeks ago about our alliance with The Heritage Foundation, which i am member of as well as wallbuilders, 9/12 project, the Tenth Amendment Center, the last two have state groups also, there are several other groups that support the U.S. Constitution and smaller government that escape me right now. But the groups that i named stand up for the principles and values of our founding fathers.
Comment by John & Audrey Anderson on May 23, 2011 at 6:44pm

To get organized we need to link up with an organization that stands for the values of the Tea Party Movement or start one  which is a watchdog against falsehoods from the politicians on both sides and become known for finding and digging for the truth.  It needs a name like "We the people", or "Freedom Rings" or something that does not identify us with one of the parties but speaks for small Govt. and upholding the constitution. 

Comment by J.R. on May 23, 2011 at 4:33pm

Below is a link to my new blog I just posted, titled:


It demonstrates the sophisticated degree of community organizing to which voters in both Jacksonville (Duval County) and Tampa (Hillsborough County) were up against in the very recent county elections. It also shows what we'll be up against, very likely with much greater force, from now until the 2012 national election.

It also shows, in no uncertain terms, that Barack Obama is a solidly confirmed Alinsky-style socialist committed to installing a socialist government in this country.

The Tea Party has to get highly organized and hit the ground running...NOW! Otherwise, we will see a repeat performance in what will be the most important election of our lifetimes... in 2012.

Comment by Patricia M. McBride on May 23, 2011 at 12:12pm

And I forgot to mention the Obama operatives in the name of and Organizing for America being here as well!


Comment by Patricia M. McBride on May 23, 2011 at 12:04pm
You are dead on Rebecca and a black PHd came on the TU and said exactly that same thing, one of the stations went into the heavy voting areas for Brown and almost all of them said Brown was one of them (one added that at least he didn't use a teleprompter.....small concilation for them foisting another liberal progressive onto our city when we thought the likes of Peyton as going to be gone).  What is worse is that they really believe that white people vote for white people for the same reason and actually don't realize most white people do not vote that way but instead for on the issues and what someone stands for.  We already know that Peyton said whatever he had to to get elected, let's hope at least some of what Brown said was not just to get elected, but I fear it is!  Right now being a fiscal conservative is high of the list of desireable attributes and so.......Brown was a fiscal conservative!  But something far more ominous was in the works in our fair city.  The national democratic party acknowledged spending $500,000 on this campaign, tons of "other" Washington insiders donated large amounts of money, many so-called republicans came out of the closet and donated to Brown (knowing full well he was a liberal progressive), President Bill "I did not have sex with the woman" Clinton made a robo call for Brown, The TU not one time (until after the election or so close it didn't have any impact) said anything really negative about Brown or even told the truth about some of the things they should have informed the people of Jacksonville about, so now, hmmmm why was this election so important and why did the democrats need to ram a democratic mayor down the throats of not just Tampa but Jacksonville too?  Obama.  This wasn't about our fair city and our problems, this was not a local election, and it wasn't about the best man winning.  It was planned to use the black vote (one article said Florida is 30% black and they are going to have to use that demographic to take the state in 2012) if Obama is to win the state of Florida.  Mr. Brown never one time answered a really hard question.  A few of us went to one forum and submitted a couple of questions and even though they were altered, they were probably the hardest questions he had gotten thus far.............he sure didn't like my union question and got noticeably angry someone would ask him (something about he has a right to support whatever he wants.......really?  Not as mayor you don't; you support what the people want).  Anyway, if you look at the facts and there are many, you have all you need to cross the Ts and dot the Is.  We are all in for a bumpy ride, because I have no doubt the TU is going to support every single thing just as they did during the mayoral election!
Comment by rebecca rucker on May 23, 2011 at 11:47am

this election goes to show you how black people stick together even if they do not agree with each other.   the majority of blacks will vote for a person because he is black, not because he agrees with him,  but because he is black.  i am NOT putting black people down.  it is just a fact. i have seen this all my life.  it is a racial thing.  most blacks are racist.  they may not admite it but they are, just like alot of white people are racist.  i wish it were not so, but it is.   we need to start looking at a man or woman for what is in his heart and what he stands for and not the color of his skin.   when obama was running for president and  if you ask most black people why they were voting for him they would say because he is a brother and it is time we had a black man for pesident.   they did not say because of what he would do for our country, but because he was a black man.  this is sad but true.  no matter what his skin color, if the man or woman can do the job we should vote for him, but not because he is black or white.   i grew up in the south for 61 years and know this is fact.  their a lot of black people and white people will vote for a person because he IS the man for the job.  but there are more that vote for skin color.  i wish it were not so, but it is. we need to educate more people on what a man stands for and less on skin color.  maybe one day we will get there. 

Comment by Roma and Tom on May 23, 2011 at 11:31am
Sounds like a plan JR.  It will be a week or two for I can help with this project.  Please feel free to begin, and adopt my information as your own.  No one owns the truth.

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