March is Women’s History Month and the mainstream media likes to focus on those women who lean more to the left than the right when they write their articles.  There are many women who have been standing for freedom long before the Tea Party Movement was birthed.  They were standing in the doorway waiting for more of us to come.  One of those women is Laura Ingraham, radio talk show host and former law clerk to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. 


Laura tells it like it is.  She doesn’t hold back.  She doesn’t put up with liberal lies and she calls them out every day on her show.  She is a super star and a lady and you have the opportunity to hear her speak in Jacksonville on April 7th.


Conservative Talk Radio Station 600 WBOB is hosting Laura at UNF.  You can purchase your tickets NOW online at or by calling the station at 904-470-4615.  General admission seating is $25 and $100 for VIP seats which also includes a meet and greet with Laura following the presentation.  If you are a business owner, along with your ticket purchase you can receive some special advertising on the radio.  Call Christina Bruno at the studio and she will help you decide the best advertising package for your business.


In a recent interview, Laura took on a NY liberal politician over the mosque at Ground Zero.  You can find that “encounter” here: 



The smug look on this politicians face is the smug look of elitism we see every day with our political “servants.”  They are pushing all of us to love diversity and to welcome it to our shores.  We have always welcomed diversity and appreciated the new cultures that came to America.  Those in the past, however, came with their cultures and assimilated into ours with a respect for America’s way of living and for our history and beliefs. 


The left is working hard in America to change assimilation into multiculturalism – a failed endeavor in Europe. 


Another GREAT LADY standing up for freedom in France can be seen here: 



America wake up.  The left is strategically working daily to change us.  We do NOT need to be changed.  We are the place people come to for freedom and you can see this woman in France is NOT free.  And if we don’t stand up, WOMEN will not be FREE here in America either!


So for Women’s History Month – men bring your favorite woman with you to hear Laura Ingraham and women – get your girlfriends together for this special night. 


The First Coast Tea Party will be there and we will stand with you clapping together as Laura tells it like it is.  Get your tickets today.  Call your friends and make a party out of it and let’s do it in honor of this special woman in France who stands in her doorway knowing she could be attacked again or even murdered for doing so.


Now that is a woman we should admire during Women’s History Month!  Don't you think?



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Comment by Tea Party Fan on March 28, 2011 at 9:38am

tickets available online!!!  or by phone 904 470 4615!!

Comment by Rosemarie Brenneman on March 25, 2011 at 9:43am
Laura is great!  I listened to her everyday commuting to work in California and was so glad when I found the station that carried her here.  She has always stood strong and on the right side.  For us long time conservative activists she has been a voice of reason and truth.  As an activist for over 28 years, I remember so well when Rush first came on and he led the way to others, prime among them Laura, who spoke to what we were thinking.  I urge everyone, if you can, go hear her speak.  She is inspiring!
Comment by JL Gawlik on March 25, 2011 at 7:36am

I was glad to hear the PM of Britain and Germany finally speak up about it, they do not take on the traditions of the countries they move to, they want to keep their laws and religion the same, that is wrong. Also what i do not like is that they destroy historical places and things that should be preserve for the future. I have always heard when in Rome do as the Romans do, etc.. I am so tired of progressive liberals. Funny how now Europe is now turning more conservative because socialism, marxism in any form it does not work because big government spends and then they run out of money... it only works for the people in power, sound familiar? 


Laura Ingraham is such a smart, quick witted person, gets to the point, thank you for sharing this Billie.

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