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Congressman Peter King of Long Island is wanting to hold hearings within the Department of Homeland Security about the possibility of radicalization among the American-Muslim community. Naturally, this has many ultra sensitive pinko-liberals getting their panties in a wad. “Islamaphobic! Racist! Don’t you know you’ll be threatened to be beheaded for this!” Congress held a hearing on white militia groups after the Oklahoma City bombing and there wasn’t a whole lot of outrage about that – just as there shouldn’t have been. The biggest difference between the two? Timothy McVay was not motivated by religion to blow up a government building in Oklahoma City.

I want to show the extent of that radicalization, how it happens. Also whether or not the Muslim community is fully cooperating,” Rep. King said. What is so wrong with that? In case you’ve forgotten, we’ve been at war with radical Islam since 9/11 where 3,000 Americans were murdered in the name of Allah. Many of the people responsible had been within the United States for quite some time.

We then hear from Rep. Keith Ellison who is a Muslim Congressman from Minnesota. “Well, it’s a disturbing use of a Congressional hearing. I mean, there’s awesome power associated with being Chairman of the Committee, being able to investigate and do oversight and to use it to essentially go after a religious minority group.” I wonder if he had this same view when Janet Napolitano labeled “right-wing extremists” as potential domestic terrorists without naming any person or group specifically or as to why. My guess is no. And for the record, Peter King is not “going after” a religious minority group. It’s not like he’s calling for the round up of all American Muslims so they can be put in interrogation camps. We saw the Muslim community go absolutely wild in protest when a pastor of a small church in a small town threatened to burn a small amount of Korans – without harming anyone in the process. Yet we’ve heard mostly silence from the Muslim community when people are murdered in the name of Allah.

Now I am fully aware that most Muslims are not radicalized. Again, Peter King is not calling a hearing to condemn Islam. He is holding a hearing to discuss the RADICALIZATION of those among the Muslim community. You know, those people who feel the need to strap bombs on themselves or fly planes into buildings. This is completely justified and there is nothing outrageous about it.


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Comment by K. Crenier on March 9, 2011 at 11:59am

Sikhs are not Muslims.

Comment by JL Gawlik on March 8, 2011 at 7:06pm


I listened to the head of some Islamic organization Muslims for Democracy or Islam for Democracy or some group in the USA that and they are all welcoming this hearing. He stated it is a Muslim problem and they need to deal with it and only they can deal with it in their own communities and it needs to be all out in the open and examined closely.

I saw the Rep. Keith Ellison and he was trying to make into a racial hate issue. The President of the Muslim group was well spoken, i wished i had caught his name and the organization's name but compared to Ellison, he seem to be speaking from the heart and the truth, not name calling or twisting the facts and the truth like Ellison was. Thank goodness we have sane people who can talk about the facts and the truth of it all, and he and his group think nothing is outrageous about it but something that must be done.

 It is clearly the Progressive Liberals who seem to name call and lie and twist the facts. It is getting so easy to spot them, now just look for the facts and the truth of it all.

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