2016 Outstanding article. THIS EXPLAINS IT WELL
I have no idea who wrote this as I pulled it off facebook. Whoever, they deserve all the credit.

     From the producer of Schindler's List, and based on the book by Dinesh D'Souza (bio below -- this isn't the work of a publicity hound, but a credible analysis by a serious scholar, comes the doucmentray "2016".

     Born in Mumbai, India, Dinesh D’Souza came to the U.S. as an exchange student and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Dartmouth College in 1983. From there he we
nt on to work in the Reagan White House as a policy analyst.

     In 2010 he released The Roots of Obama’s Rage which is the basis for the film 2016:Obama’s America. It has been described as the most influential political book of 2010 and has proven to be yet another best seller.
In the same year, he was named the president of The King’s College, in New York City. Dinesh brought a distinguished 25-year career as a writer, scholar, and public intellectual to The King’s College. Prior to this appointment, Dinesh also served as John M. Olin Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, and the Robert and Karen Rishwain Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.
Called one of the “top young public-policy makers in the country” by Investor’s Business Daily, Dinesh quickly became known as a major influencer on public policy through his writings. His first book, Illiberal Education(1991), publicized the phenomenon of political correctness in America’s colleges and universities and became a New York Times bestseller for 15 weeks. It has been listed as one of the most influential books of the 1990s.
     From here he went on to write the popular books What is So Great About America (2002) , What is So Great About Christianity (2008), The End of Racism (1995) and Letter to a Young Conservative (2003). His latest book, God Forsaken was released in April of 2012.
     D’Souza’s articles have appeared in virtually every major magazine and newspaper, including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Atlantic Monthly, Vanity Fair, New Republic, and National Review. He has appeared on numerous television programs, including The Today Show, The Colbert Report, Politically Incorrect, Nightline, The News Hour, The O’Reilly Factor, Moneyline, and Hannity.

     My better-half and I took one of our very rare treks to a movie theater and saw "2016" last evening, and now that I've seen it: With all my heart, I implore you, plead with you to please go see this, and do so ASAP -- after you do you will understand what is at stake this election: the very future of this country, not just figuratively, but likely literally as well (hence the "2016" title previewing where Obama would take us). This in not hyperbole, exaggeration or party-based partisanship -- we're way beyond that now. It can't be explained in an email, you just have to see it for yourself, and then you'll understand and be so glad that you took the time.

Since 2008 many of us have researched and "come to know" Barack Obama, and surmised his long-term intentions for this United States of America, and seeing our suspicions verified on the big screen is both encouraging ("I was right after all!") and chilling ("I was right after all!"). For our fellow citizens who believe that they are "informed" because they partake of ABC / CBS / CNN /NBC or even Fox News, with all due respect, they don't have a clue (through no fault of their own). The forces seeking to "fundamentally transform" and permanently diminish this country are counting on an uninformed electorate and have deliberately kept much off of the media radar. "2106" does not cover all of the potential material, but it is a fantastic "survey course" on Barack Obama and the stakes for this country, literally whether we will purposely be devolved to third-world status in the name of global "equality," and perhaps even (nuclear) world war as the forces of darkness take advantage of the global void left by a (deliberately) hobbled United States.

I am confident that after seeing "2016" you too will be spreading the word, for the sake of yourself and in particular for those with children or grandchildren. The more the electorate can be truly informed before election day, the more who will be casting a truly informed vote -- and informed voters will seek to save this country from a second Obama term.

Here's a link to the movie home page, which has a theater list (more are being added all the time):


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Comment by Peggy Hall on August 21, 2012 at 3:36am

Excellent movie.  We should all challenge our left leaning friends to see the movie.

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