Rules for Conservative Radicals: Rule #8

“When engaging with the left let no falsehood go unchallenged”.

     Remember the term “Borked”? It became a household term after the liberals succeeded in their character assassination of Judge Robert Bork. The accusations against Judge Bork were substitutes for “…he just happened to disagree with them on abortion, affirmative action and other matters, and they feared that he would swing the court in a more conservative direction”. The term has fallen into disuse in the last couple of years, since BO was elected.

     The tactic is still being used and I am afraid the new term for it will be “Cained” if we conservatives don’t step up in Herman’s defense. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Herman is your and my choice, but rather that we support conservatives and will not sit by while conservatism is ground into the dirt of liberalism.

     In the past the Republicans responded to attacks on their candidates by dumping the candidates with perceived blemishes. As a result our choice of willing candidates over the last 30 years has been culled to moderates and liberals (RINOs). The Tea Party movement started in 2009 and we made a noticeable impact on the elections in 2010. We again have conservative candidates running for public office. I am certain these candidates are stepping up because they are heartened by the Tea Party movement. If we don’t support our conservative candidates, those conservatives that have the opportunity will follow the employers that moved overseas to find more friendly political and business climes. The rest of us will have to settle for a third world existence.

     Since Cain is the current target, I’ll use him as an example. Mitt Romney has raised $19M last quarter to Cain’s $2.4M. Herman Cain’s campaign states that “Romney's campaign team knew that the one advantage that they had was money”. It seems the common wisdom is the candidate with the most money will probably win the primary. All this money is collected and spent to get your vote. Your vote will determine the Republican candidate for President. If you are inclined to give your vote to the candidate that spends the most money then you might ask yourself “are you voting for the most principled candidate or the most popular candidate”? Is your vote being bought? That equates to lobbyists influencing the politicians with money rather than the politicians following their principles when voting on legislation. In either instance, you and I, the voters, lose.


VOTE YOUR PRINCIPLES!!  For my grand children's sake. Please!!


For the children

“Live long and prosper”, dump Obamacare – me.


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Comment by John Sauer on November 4, 2011 at 9:45pm

Amanda. It was my belief that you jumped to a conclusion, as Billie stated,” without a trial”. The charge was settled in 1999 in the most economical way for the defendant, out of court for a year’s severance pay and the parties were sworn to secrecy as part of the settlement. Herman Cain was not party to the settlement and obviously was not privy to the charges. The NRA lawyers wouldn’t bother Herman knowing they would settle out of court. Politico published an accusation against Herman Cain based on information from an “anonymous informant”. Politico is now backing their original accusation with additional “anonymous information”. With all this anonymity I am confident both the “anonymous charge” and the “anonymous information” were drawn from a deep dark place “where the sun don’t shine”. You should refer to my website which assesses the Republican Presidential candidates for their conservativeness before you jump to conclusions.

Comment by FCTP on November 2, 2011 at 7:40pm
Cain proven guilty by Amanda without a trial.
Comment by amanda choate on November 2, 2011 at 5:45pm
Maybe Mr. Cain should have simply behaved like an adult and not an adult movie star.

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