Steering Conservatives to the Weakest Candidate


            The Presidential primaries are fast approaching and the anxiety is building among the conservatives trying to decide on their “primary” choice for the Republican nominee for President. Mitt Romney keeps bubbling up as a constant top contender in the polls. Romney’s challengers keep changing from week to week, according to the polls. We conservatives have a “gut” feeling that Romney is not a true conservative yet we conservatives are fearful that our choice of a true conservative candidate will lose to BO, according to the polls.


Let’s consider some facts:

The polls are decidedly skewed to benefit the extreme left by choice.

The establishment republicans are noticeably left of center on the political scale.

McCain was the weakest (most moderate) republican candidate on the 2008 primaries and won the primaries as

“The best choice” for the republicans.

McCain lost to BO in the general election.

Mitt Romney is the more notable of the two most liberal candidates in the republican field.

Mitt Romney is consistently one of the top three republican contenders according to the polls.

The establishment republicans are trying hard to ignore the true conservative candidates.

The main stream media actively denigrates the conservative “du jour” in the polls and doesn’t touch Romney.


             Rick Perry rose to the top of the polls instantly and was subsequently denigrated for his immigration stance and his Vagisil executive order. These facts are accurate. He has dropped to the single digits in the polls.


            Herman Cain was elevated next in the polls, then sexual abuse charges were levied against him. The accusations originated in BO’s back yard, Chicago, IL in a period, 1996 to 1999, when Herman was President and CEO of the National Restaurant Association which is headquartered in Chicago. The accuser could not get other women to back up her charges in the court of public opinion and has disappeared into the woodwork . No such accusations were levied against Herman during his time as President of Godfather’s Pizza where he successfully brought the company out of bankruptcy, nor his time with Burger King where he returned a segment of Detroit BK franchises out of near bankruptcy to among the most profitable Burger Kings in the country. Herman has dropped back in the polls but still remains in the top three.


            The next candidate to be elevated into the sunlight of the polls is Newt Gingrich. Under examination he is found to be liberal in his approach to the ‘illegal immigrants’ issue. He wants to make the residing illegal immigrants legal occupants in the United States while closing the border to further illegals. The only way I see this being acceptable is if they are denied the voting rights that Americans are constitutionally given. I emailed the question ‘Would he veto a bill passed by both houses that went against his view on immigration?’ to Newt’s campaign and am expecting a response. I will add the response to this post when I get it.


            I expect that if the MSM can find something with which to denigrate Michelle Bachmann and Rick Santorum, they will bubble to the top of the polls for scrutiny against Romney. They have been shunned thus far.


            Mitt Romney has not received the proctological examination which has been given to the top conservative candidates. Mitt is the 2012 John McCain. The nation’s bane, The Affordable Care Act, aka:  “Obamacare”, is modeled after Massachusetts’s near bankrupt state healthcare system which Romney shoe horned in when he was Governor of Massachusetts. Mitt is also a proponent of the scientifically debunked and ethically defamed global warming movement. These are two of the main platforms of today’s progressive President BO. Romney will be easy pickings for the progressives in 2012 if he is the chosen republican candidate.


            Assessing the damage to the conservative candidates so far:

Rick Perry is known to be a seasoned politician with a liberal immigration view. Rick used an Executive Order to force the Vagisil immunization on all grade school girls in Texas.

Newt Gingrich is a strong conservative until we look at his immigration view. He does not agree with the majority view that illegal immigrants are outlaws in the United States and should be returned to their own country. The question remains whether or not he will abide by his oath to uphold the constitution and the laws enacted therein or dictate his plan to legitimize the illegals in the country by Executive Order.

Herman Cain faced an accusation of sexual abuse in the court of public opinion. The accusation was made by a woman who has a history of making similar accusations and losing her cases when her accusations were tried in court. Her case was settled out of court by the NRA for $35K and she agreed to leave the company. The settlement was finalized without including Herman in the decision.

Michelle Bachmann and Rick Santorum have not been scrutinized by the MSM yet.


            It is obvious to me that the main stream media is highlighting the conservatives’ soft spots and holding back Mitt Romney’s weaknesses until the general election. A conservative republican will beat BO and the democrats know this. If the conservative voters succumb to the anxiety the MSM is trying to generate, they will elect another weak candidate and the republicans will lose another presidential election in the primaries by way of the same tactic the democrats used in 2008.


            Now let’s take a deeper look at the standings:

Mitt Romney’s poll rating has held steady at about 25% of the vote since February. That is approximately the percentage of progressives and “wannabes”. Ron Paul has his consistent 8% of the voters. The remaining 67% are scattered among the rest of the republican candidates with Cain and Gingrich in the top three. Even if Herman and Newt split the remainder of the Republican votes they each beat Mitt by 12 percent. All you have to do is stand by your conservative candidate. Don’t give in to the anxiety the MSM is trying to generate. If the conservative voters are not given clear choice in the general election, they will stay home as in 2008.


            It is not my intention to boar you with repetition but: This is the primaries. Vote for the candidate of your choice. Don’t settle for a candidate that MSM tells you is the most electable. They want conservatives to lose the Presidential election. You know that!


John Sauer

For the children


"Live long and prosper", dump Obamacare - me.


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Comment by Michael Jackson on November 27, 2011 at 7:50am
Great comments. Better than the post that attempts, through incomplete analysis, to conclude our only true choice is between Ron Paul and Gary Johnson.

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