When the First Coast Tea Party aligned with Liberty Central in Washington DC we had no idea how out of touch DC was with the American people. We are learning "how things work in DC" and they are hearing from We the People out here in America. What we learned: Politicians are disconnected, out of touch, living in a fantasy world and totally ignorant of how their legislation and regulation is impacting us. What Liberty Central learned about We the People: We are hurting, we are tired, we are taxed to death, we are fearful and we are looking for ways to wake up our political servants and find a way for them to hear us.

Together we will find a way to mesh real Americans with their Government.

The founder of Liberty Central, Ginni Thomas, has a great big heart for the people and while she has lived in DC for over 30 years and has been under the microscope of political power struggles, she connects to the tea party people. It’s good to have a friend in DC and one who can help us understand the workings of political maneuvers and connect us to the right people on legislative issues.

This week Ginni was interviewed by Newsmax and we hope you will get to know her better. Check out the video of Ginni talking about tyranny in America today at

Also, an article by The First Coast Tea Party was published at today entitled “We the People Go to Washington.” Check it out and we encourage you to lend your own thoughts in the comments section at

Regarding Financial Reform Bill: We are working with Liberty Central to help us find our way into this bill that is presently in conference. This is a horrible bill and one that the media has not paid much attention to. This is the same one where golden-boy Scott Brown showed his true colors and voted with the Dems to ensure it's passage. We send Scott a great big “THANKS A LOT SCOTT FOR NOTHING” and encourage you to contact him and do the same.

We will report in on the Financial Reform bill in the next few days. Congress is on recess and life is good while they are away.

What can you do today – watch Ginni and learn more, read the article we published at and visit us this Saturday for our Office Open House between 10:00 and 3:00. Our address is 11437 Central Parkway, Suite 107, 32224. Drop in and see your new Tea Party digs.

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Comment by Kate Svagdis on June 6, 2010 at 3:42pm
pray, pray, pray God will save us from those who want and worship tyranny!
oh, course, we have to get off our duffs, too!
Comment by Kay Ragan Durden on June 2, 2010 at 7:29am
I watched Ginni yesterday and yes it is so nice to have a friend in DC, but even better than that, a friend that is REAL!!!! DC didn't change her like it does so many.
Michele, Just remember Scott Brown is from Massachusetts!!! and sorry to say for Massachusetts, he was the best the GOP could find. To the people up there he is a conservative. I know to us in the South he isn't!!!!!!!!! Just Hang on, we are all living for the day we can VOTE again and get the Lib's OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by Patricia M. McBride on June 2, 2010 at 7:19am
The real problem is that the Obama machine got their people to make about 1,000 phone calls in favor of this horrid bill. Unless he gets the same number of calls against the bill, he will vote with those whose numbers are the greatest. I don't for one minute believe the people of Massachusetts really favor the bill, but I keep getting OFA notices for people to call their representatives right down to how many phone calls they need people to make. What we have in this country is a situation where the minority is making an impact it shouldn't be able to make and as most people do not know about Obama directing people to make all these calls, we don't counter them with our own phone calls. Brown said he would vote the will of the people; now you have to be sure he is getting an accurate accounting of what the people want.
Comment by Michele on June 2, 2010 at 7:02am
Scott Brown is a great example of what we must be on the look out for before we vote in November. Even as he appeared on the scene, a Republican elected in Massachusetts, there was something "funny" about him.

He simply did not, to me, at least, past the "smell test" as a Republican. I'm not saying he's an Arlan Specter clone, but there was still something not so right about him.

His actions since have proven that he is not what he purported to be. Unfortunately, We the People were carried away by him when the possibility of winning an historically democratic seat seemed within reach.

I would suggest that Scott Brown is the perfect example of the "not-so-real" Republican we have to watch out for in November. There are enough of those up there as it is . . . we certainly do not want to purposely send more, just based on an impression given during a campaign. We have to look closely and deeply into all Republican candidates, and especially closely at those who purport to be Conservative.

We need real, died in the wool, die hard Conservative Republicans to go to Washington in November. That's our last chance to save what is left of our Republic.

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