The First Coast Tea Party is pleased to be a part of two well-run organizations that are doing their part to ensure integrity at the polls.

Tonight -- from the comfort of your home -- you can watch one or two webinars describing these efforts.

We encourage anyone and everyone who wants to DO SOMETHING to participate in these webinars and then decide where you want to engage.

7:00 PM EST -  True the Vote Webinar

We would like to invite you to attend a TRUE the VOTE Orientation webinar.  The purpose of this webinar is educate new TRUE the VOTE Volunteers about our program and how you can get started in your county.  This webinar will be hosted by Catherine Engelbrecht, the founder of the TRUE the VOTE initiative. There will be a Q&A session at the end of the presentation.
Space is limited.

Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

9:00 PM  Political Gravity Webinar
All Voter Data has been loaded for Florida with the Political Gravity data.   This is awesome!
Lisa Rask has been hired to help all counties

Call to action...In Florida, have people sign up to find fraudulent registrations.  Ensure a true vote.
They have a login and password.  They can check out their own neighborhoods.  The top 20 producers with the most amount of homes contacted will be awarded iPads. 

Data obtained from throughout the state.  We can process the legal means to have the registrations purged from the roles.

Multiple benefits:
1)  We are working to make every true vote count 
2)  Eliminating the intimidation of "We are outnumbered" 
3)  Enabling good candidates to step forward to run...and that we can find the true voters 
4)  We remove the false lobbying strength of the Democrats based on the falsely inflated numbers. 
5)  We might actually get some of the SOE to step down...or become vulnerable in the upcoming election. 
6)  We are owning the registration process, the importance of it. 

On our side, we register voters to get them to actually vote.  The other side floods the rolls with registrations to dilute our vote and to intimidate us.  Space is limited.  Reserve your Webinar seat now at:
We will be conducting a demo and overview of the Gravity technology and how you can use it to impact the upcoming election.  After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar.

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Comment by Patricia M. McBride on February 29, 2012 at 10:00am

Amanda, some of the fruad they found was so bad, even I can't believe it.   But it is there, and they have the number on things they found.  If you had gone to the webinar last night, you would learn, that sometimes you have someone who won't allow for an honest appraisal as in the judge that would not allow the 2 weeks.  However, if you shine a light on them, it is like a person who has a police car pull in behind always look at your speedometer to see if you are speeding and slow down.  These folks will be far more careful to abide by the LAW if they know a light is going to be shown on them and will continue to be shown on them.  These folks found 35,000 blank lines that were counted as signatures, they found tons of duplicates including 4 signatures by the Governor and 2 by his wife (you really think they would have signed the petition), and they have made phone calls to some questionable ones and found out the people never signed a petition and WOULD NOT have signed one.  There are tons and tons of people who don't even live in the state of Wisconsin and on and on.  It is surreal some of the fraud that has been uncovered, and the judge that wouldn't allow enough time to do a good job, should be removed from the bench since he saw fit to aid and abett fraud.

Comment by Roma and Tom on February 29, 2012 at 6:29am

Well, Billie certainly cleared that matter up.  Good job Billie.

Comment by FCTP on February 29, 2012 at 5:51am

Amanda:  here's the answer from Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote.

Progress Report For Monday, February 27

Keep On Keepin' On 
We've received many inquires about whether or not we will continue to enter data after today, since today was the final day for Governor Walker's campaign to enter challenges.  Yes, yes, absolutely yes.  We are still entering data - and there is still a great need for volunteers to help close out this project.  You may have heard that Governor Walker chose not to challenge - but he has also asked that the Government Accountability Board consider the findings of our Verify the Recall effort so our work will remain in the spotlight. 
We've also been asked why we're doing this if we can't be sure our work will matter.  If the GAB turns a blind eye to our efforts, did we really make a difference?  Yes, yes, absolutely yes.  Sometimes the only way you can make things change is to prove that they need to be changed.  Because of your help we are standing in the gap of government,  doing a job that the GAB said they wouldn't do, posting our results online for all the world to see, upholding the integrity of our election processes, and using the pressure of public awareness to hold the GAB accountable and encourage reform - not just in Wisconsin but across the country.  
When it is said a thing can't be done, and you do it; when it is said there are no problems, and you expose them, that is the beginning of change.  Were we to have done nothing, nothing would have changed - and the stakes are too high to do nothing.  
So, yes, keep on keepin' on.  We are in the straightaway, but the race is not yet over.  
Comment by amanda choate on February 28, 2012 at 7:19pm
Billie, when a person or group, Governor Walker and True the Vote make a claim in order to raise money I have some expectations. As I referenced, my brother donated to this cause directly and attended a fundraiser. That is real money from his pocket for a designated cause, to expose fraud. Fraud is a crime and the money was given to be used to prove it. If a governor accuses the citizens of his state of a crime, well then, he better be able to prove it, or perhaps he is unworthy to serve. He did not accuse them of being ill tempered or politically mistaken, he accused them of comitting felonies. That is more than a rhetorical flourish, when it comes from tghe highest ranking elected official in a state, the governor, it matters.
If holding elected officials accountable is being negative, call me Negative Nancy.
Comment by FCTP on February 28, 2012 at 6:36pm

Amanda:  These webinars are not about the recall.  These webinars are about getting out the vote, signing up people to vote, and looking at registers in states to see if signatures are real/fake.  You turned this into a recall issue for Walker.  What I said stands - "It doesn't matter.  These webinars are not about that.  Please either volunteer to attend a session or not.  Just don't change the subject matter.  Has anyone told you how predictable your comments have become.  I knew you would go straight to the negative.  Are you ever happy about anything and does anyone or any organization ever "please you?"

Comment by amanda choate on February 28, 2012 at 6:25pm

Well it does matter, he raised over 12 million dollars to fight the recall effort which he has cited was fraudulent. My brother attended his JMI speech at the Naples Ritz-Carleton. At that speech he stated repeatedly that he was being done in by the fraudulent actions of unions. But even with a twenty day extension he offers no evidence. In addtion to the $100 a ticket event my brother said it was basically nothing more than a fundraising event.

So I know nothing more of Governor Walker than what I read and hear from others, people who also do not know him, but maybe he is just trying to make money off this whole thing. If you give me $12 million I will hire some lawyers who could get a judge to stop the sun from setting. Maybe the reason they got so many signatures with so little fraud, there are a lot of people in Wisconsin who want him to go.

Comment by FCTP on February 28, 2012 at 5:54pm

I have not heard back.  At this point, it doesn't matter to me.  We need to sign up to look at signatures on registrations across the country.  This is what these webinars are about.  Do it or not.  If you ahve time, it is smart to help your country.  Thanks.

Comment by amanda choate on February 28, 2012 at 5:52pm

This is the link that describes Walker's decision.

Comment by H W Schroeder AXCS(AW) USNRET on February 28, 2012 at 5:34pm

Does Governor Walker's decision mean I wasted my time verifying signatures on the petitions now that he is not going to contest any of them?

Comment by Joshua Warren on February 28, 2012 at 1:39pm

FYI: Many already know this but it bears repeating: A much better choice for charitable donations is the Salvation Army. They have one of the lowest rates of administrative overhead anywhere, they have a presence worldwide, and they shun media attention. They are all about helping people, not BEING SEEN helping people, like some other groups are.

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