In his radio show yesterday, Rush Limbaugh called on all Americans to CALL CONGRESS. This is un-Rush-like and while not everyone agrees with Rush, he is a representative of the people – more so than even our Congress!! Here’s a transcript from his show yesterday:

“One of the underlying aspects of the Democrats' Hail Mary pass attempt to push this health care plan through is that if it passes, it's the first time in American history the federal government will force every American to buy something whether you can afford it or not. Now, the Heritage Foundation has been making the point for months: there's no constitutional or judicial precedent for such a power grab. None whatsoever.

If this bill passes, the Constitution's carefully crafted limits on congressional power will have been reduced substantially. It's an all-out assault here. Now, this is not what the Founding Fathers intended -- and this is why, Michael, I'm trying to get as many people (for the second time in history) to call people in Washington and stop this. We're dealing with a transformation of this country unlike anything we've seen before, and certainly not as it was founded. We did not elect people to overthrow the government. We did not elect people to reshape it or to remake it. They are stewards. The Constitution is the Constitution, and it doesn't matter to these people, and it doesn't matter to the people in the media. They don't care. They don't even care what the substance of this is. They're just surprised anybody would oppose it.

"Why, he's a historical president. He's our first black president! Why would you oppose this?"

They look at it from the prism of just a horse race.

"Can Obama get this done? Can Obama win?" Secondly, and almost just as important: "Can Obama beat the Republicans?"

Well, hint, hint! The Republicans can't stop Obama. The American people can, but the Republicans can't. They don't have the votes to stop Obama. This is not about the Republicans! The Founding Fathers intended none of this. Heritage Foundation is on a mission to make sure you know exactly how the Democrats are damaging the bedrock of our system of government.


Nancy Pelosi and her co-conspirators from the House to the Senate to the White House are looking for every sneaky, under-handed way to pass the largest social welfare bill in history. In simple terms, the Congress of the United States has declared war on the American-way of life and just like the King of England, they are not listening to the people and setting us on a path of great concern for We the People.

We encourage you to DO YOUR PART AND CALL CONGRESS TODAY. Take down the phone lines and burn up the telephone system.

Check the updated list of targeted Representatives at Code Red http://www.nrcc.org/CodeRed/targets/


Call the Capitol Switchboard: 877-762-8762 or 202-224-3121

You can use these talking points when you call:

“How is “representative (blank) planning to vote on the healthcare bill? If they say No – thank them!

If they say “undecided” ask why they are undecided. Ask how they could still be undecided when the American people say they do not want this bill?

If they say "Yes" -- Tell them: We are not the enemy here – We are the People. We demand you listen to the American people. We are tired of back room deals, corruption and shenanigans from Congress and the White House. I am, We the People and We the People do NOT want this Trillion Dollar healthcare reform bill. Vote No and do the right thing for America.”


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Comment by Michele Kling on March 17, 2010 at 2:50pm
We have emailed, called Washington and Jacksonville and will continue to do so.
Comment by Robert H. Formby on March 17, 2010 at 10:49am
If this passes we can say good by to, what used to be the greatest nation on the face of the earth. Our fore-fathers crafted a document, that if adhered to would keep us as such. But through apathy we have relinquished control to a group of tyrants that have no respect for the rule of law or our U.S. Constitution. The only thing that matters to them is their agenda of destroying what God has put together. If this move by them succeeds we will lose our AAA world market standing and all hell will break lose. Plus if they can push this through look out for all 10 Amendments to go the same way. I am so sick of the Liberals. I have called all the House Dems and only made 3 contacts. Their voice mails are all full (by design) Oh well, back to my kneeling bench.
Comment by Andy Sanfilippo on March 17, 2010 at 8:33am
Wonder why the fax machine kines are either down or not answering. Could it be their tied of all the negative comments and they are just going to do what they want anyway? Anyone who votes for this bill needs to be replaced the next time they run. I dont care if there Dem. or Rep. they have to go!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by Peggy Hall on March 17, 2010 at 8:24am
I agree with Elvira, it is easier to send them at night. I have NO idea how many I have sent. But, will keep on sending today, tonight and until the vote is taken. This dud called legislation should never have come this far. Oh and on Neil Cavuto yesterday, some Texas Tea party members stated they went to their rep's office AND THE PHONE WAS OFF THE HOOK. The phone we pay for was off the hook. The office staff we pay for was not doing their jobs. This is disgusting.
Comment by Pat Schulz on March 17, 2010 at 8:16am
Emails, faxes, phone calls. All started months ago and will continue today. We will not stop until we are heard. Either by the defeat of this, or votes in all future elections.

Patriots have long memories.........
Comment by Beth Gunter on March 17, 2010 at 7:35am
I'm already sending emails this morning.

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