ACTION ITEM: Senate Committee About to Vote AGAIN today (Tues) on Bill to Allow Men to Use Woman's Showers, Locker rooms & Bathrooms:

credit: Florida Family Action


Senate Committee About to Vote AGAIN today (Tues) on Bill to Allow Men to Use Woman's Showers, Locker rooms & Bathrooms:

We need your help! Please contact members of the Judiciary Committee NOW and respectfully tell them to "VOTE NO on SB 120" the so-called Competitive Workforce Act!

Phone calls preferred, Follow up with an e-mail:

Thank those who did the right thing & voted AGAINST this bill


Sen Wilton Simpson (R)   (850) 487-5018
Sen Lizbeth Benacquisto (R)   (850) 487-5030
Senator Jeff Brandes (R)   (850) 487-5022 
Senator Aaron Bean (R)   (850) 487-5004
Senator Kelli Stargel (R)   (850) 487-5015

Their Email addresses, copy and paste to your send Email

  CALL AND EMAIL those who did the wrong thing & voted FOR this bad bill:

Sen David Simmons (R)   (850) 487-5010
Sen Miguel Diaz de La Portilla (R)   (850) 487-5040 
Senator Jeremy Ring (D)   (850) 487-5029
Senator Arthenia Joyner (D)   (850) 487-5019
Senator Darren Soto (D)   (850) 487-5014

Their Email Addresses, copy and past to your send Email

Hearing from YOU is extremely important to keep this bill dead! We have until 4 pm on Tuesday to make sure that our voice is heard!


On Monday, February 8, 2016, SB 120, the Florida Competitive Workforce Act, (adding sexual orientation and gender identity and expression to FL Civil Rights Act) by Sen. Abruzzo was heard by the Senate Judiciary Committee. The room was packed to overflowing with people; about 150 supporters from around the state wee there to oppose to this dangerous legislation.
A vote was taken and the bill failed in a tie vote. Immediately after, a slick technical maneuver took place in which a motion to reconsider the the bill was decided on at Tuesday's meeting from 4-6pm. Tonight on Committee Chairman, Senator Diaz de la Portilla, promised to bring the bill up for consideration – even though the committee already has over 20 bills on the agenda! This seems like a move to strong arm one of the Senators who voted no to switch their vote! If the five Senators who voted no on this bill, hold the line, and appear at this meeting and vote no again then the bill will still die.

See story in Tampa Bay Times:

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