FCTP Statement Regarding Duval County Local Elections


We wish Alvin Brown well and expect him to uphold his promise not to raise taxes.  We will wait and see how he responds to all citizens’ concerns and requests and how he will communicate with all the people of Duval County.


We also congratulate the winners of the City Council who won and meet the Conservative stance of the tea party movement.  We expect them to uphold their promises too and look forward to them getting to work.


We are very sad on two counts today:

  • The victory belongs to the Apathy Party which persuaded 63% of the registered voters in Duval County to cast their ballot for their candidate, Mr. I. Don't Care; and there were two losers, Freedom and the City of Jacksonville.   The true culprit in the further destruction of liberty is the more than 300,000 registered voters who chose not to be engaged in the election process.


  • Living in a city with such an extremely liberal newspaper has become a major issue for Duval County residents.  We wish the Times Union would find their way back to the days of a real newspaper filled with investigative articles where their liberal bias did not play a part in the news.

The First Coast Tea Party is here to stay.  Our plan moving forward will focus on the 2012 Election.  We have much work to do to return our country, state and city to constitutional standards.  People are out of work; jobs are few; we have run out of money; spending is out of control; and people are struggling to make ends meet.  This is all due to big government intervention and overstepping our constitutional boundaries.  How to fix it?  Ensure a 2012 win for conservative candidates.  That’s our focus and we encourage our members to get ready to work hard to make that happen.  We will be discussing our plans to do that with our membership.


The First Coast Tea Party’s mission is to promote the principles of our founding fathers – individual liberty and responsibility, limited government and moral leadership.  We are a nonprofit, grassroots group comprised of Americans of all walks of life who contribute their individual skills to the effort. Our primary tools are personal conversations, letters, rallies, visits to the offices of elected officials, telephone calls, discussion groups, educational and informational sessions, media coverage, news releases and independent Tea Party groups.  For more information, contact our office at (904) 683-3945. 

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Comment by Tim Ghee on May 20, 2011 at 8:53pm

Harding loves himself, and gets paid to do so, can you blame him?


Search here and wide for grassroots communication stations, papers, etc... and organize, fight the message, all you have to do is place better sheep food.


All these places operate on advertising, go after the people that want their message heard, for %5 percent less

Comment by Patricia M. McBride on May 20, 2011 at 6:19pm
Sabrina and Glenn, I would have posted it on the Harding article if he had allowed comments, but he knew he would get a bunch and he wanted to insult everyone and not give them a chance to respond.  Sending it to the paper probably wouldn't do any good.  They do not understand common decency at all or fair play or even how to be a "good" winner...........I think they are modeling themselves after "I won" Obama!
Comment by sabrina Wheeler on May 20, 2011 at 6:03pm
I agree - Patricia should submit this to the editorial page!
Comment by Glenn Lord Sr. on May 20, 2011 at 3:46pm
Patricia, I was going to say you should send that in to the Tiny Union but then they wouldn't apreciate it as it is so true.
Comment by Patricia M. McBride on May 20, 2011 at 2:50pm

I can't help myself, I have to say one more thing about the Harding commentary this morning.  Mr. Harding did not allow for comments and certainly, I could understand why after reading his column.


Mr. Harding should know that winning is nice, but be a bit humble and kind to the person who didn't win is a gracious way to win.  Mr. Harding chose instead to be ugly and arrogant, and yes, in the long run, the TU got their candidate and they won, but they lost a lot of respect using their victory to insult and belittle others.  It takes real class to win and then, reach out and make the other guy feel a little less pain for losing by pointing out that it was a close win or that it could have gone either way.  The TU allowed a commentary that was arrogant, insulting and hurtful to be published instead, so yes, your candidate won and you will probably get more money we don't have wasted on the downtown, but you have lost any respect many people might have had for you had you taken the high road.

Comment by Patricia M. McBride on May 20, 2011 at 2:41pm

Peyton was no more a republican than the man in the moon and neither was Delaney.  Both were liberals and Peyton is a progressive liberal.......having an R behind your name does not a republican make (there is quite a bit more to it than that.............and certainly Moran was no republican in any real true sense of the word ...........or the liberal TU wouldn't have endorsed her initially).   


Brown won by garnering votes from the black community primarily because he was black (not that others did not vote for him but factoring out the black vote for him because he was black would have put Hogan in the Mayor's office), and that's what won Brown the election in the end.............1,600 votes. 


Obama used his own people (as he calls them) in a manner that was shameful and so did Brown.  They got people out to vote for them knowing full well they were totally uninformed and of those channel 4 interviewed most admitted he was one of them and that was why they voted for him and one person interveiwed by channel 4 news said something to the effect that at least  Brown didn't use a teleprompter which wasn't much of an endorsement. 


As far as Clay goes, the TU got that just as wrong as all the rest of the nasty little remarks made in the Harding commentary today.  He was supported by most of the businesses in our area and had signs at many of the same businesses at the request of the businesses.  Caly has helped many of them with problems, and he doesn't stop until he has resolved an issue.  Who cares what someone downtown thinks about the precinct 1 candidate for city council (except perhaps they wanted a big spender and we have a fiscal conservative).  Clay Yarborough works very hard and does so many things that most people in our area aren't even aware of right down to riding around checking for street lights that are out in evening and unkept lots.  He really is one heck of a city councilman, and I can't think of anyone who wouldn't be proud to have him represent them if they really knew all he does (did you know Clay and John Crescimbeni went out one Saturday morning together and weeded the medians on Rogero?).  And John C. is also another stellar city councilman.  Funny how the TU never writes about things like this, isn't it?   Funny the only thing they can do is try to cut down the people who don't agree with their politics and the worst is they use a paper which is supposed to print actual news in a fashion that informs people of the truth in an unbaised manner. 


I also hope the TU gave Mr. Brown an accounting of the time and effort $$ value of their campaigning for him, so he could file that under donations, because they donated a great deal of space in the local paper promoting him and the only thing they did for Hogan was print nasty stuff that mostly wasn't really accurate and was baised towards helping Brown get elected!



Comment by Glenn Lord Sr. on May 20, 2011 at 11:22am
Excellent assesment Kurt. We seem to have a lot of poser politicans and not much we can do about it. If you don't support the republican candidate the other side wins. On the other hand if you do support the republican candidate who wins then? Certinly we haven't seemed to in the past. Peyton was no better than we expect Brown to be and perhaps much worse. He was totaly arrogant and had no respect for the people of Jacksonville. Personally I am joyful Peyton is gone and would have taken Brown rather than four more of Peyton. You are right we need good candidates and perhaps the most difficult thing is to get the establishment to support them. Clay Yarborough was an exception and I must note; that was a win for the Tea Party the Tiny Union didn't note.
Comment by Kurt D Wullenweber on May 20, 2011 at 11:02am

The biggest factor going against Mike Hogan was the simple fact that most of his support came from people voting against someone else.

The other major factor against him is he was part of the government that has caused all the problems. Even though Alvin Brown is not the political outsider he posed as, he was outside the city government most Duval County residents see as a very bad joke.

We need to put forward true conservative candidates and they are NOT going to come from anywhere other than the Tea Party.

Give the voters a clear, no-nonsense alternative to what we have now.

IT's time to openly question the immoral morality preached by ALL politicians. THeir moral obligation to those who only consume and never produce is BS. IT's time to stand up and proudly proclaim we, the producers and earners owe NOTHING to those who will not lift a finger to provide for themselves.

Make it clear those who CAN NOT provide for themselves live a horrendous life caused by those who WILL NOT provide for themselves.

Expose those who refuse to take advantage of free educations and refuse to get up and go to work the like the majority are the greedy takers of others earnings.

They earn, and therefor deserve, no respect.

We must openly question WHAT services are provided with our hard earned tax dollars, just as earnestly as we question the pay and benefits packages of those who earn our tax dollars providing them.

Why are we payng to run empty busses around the city?

Why are we paying to run an empty people mover around it's totally useless track?

Why do we continue to subsidize totally useless downtown renewal projects?

Why does the schoolboard and police department need riverfront property?

The list goes on and on.

Comment by jean winters on May 20, 2011 at 10:43am
It's a given the Times Union campaigned for Alvin Brown and a given they'll never question any of his actions because of it.  Certainly a slim, but effective, Saturday newspaper with journalistic integrity could be established for the City of Jacksonville.  If Nassau County can do it so can Jacksonville.  Unseating Nelson and defeating Obama in 2012 will be a disaster media-wise if the truth is not printed.  It could be named The Guardian (to guard our freedoms) and most certainly would have many, many eager volunteers to help publish and support it.  Patriots will rally to a Cause!
Comment by Dean Mattox on May 20, 2011 at 10:21am

I for one was very disappointed at the outcome of the election, but it was sort of predictable considering when I checked in at 1430 to vote my signature was only the third signature on the two pages that I could see.  Hogan was not my first choice, but I voted for him because I thought he was more conservative than Brown.  I have to give credit to ACORN and the National Democratic Party for organizing the people and getting them out to vote.  You can bet your life that 2012 will be even more critical for us conservatives and we better get energized or the Country that I spent 22 years defending will be no longer.


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