It's too exciting not to post: We've been vindicated by the TU

Today is Sunday, May 22, 2011 and we must give kudos to the TU.  I’ll even refrain from calling them the Tiny Union since they made headways today to publish a story with facts vs opinions.


Article:  The front page headline of the TU states “Brown won it on issues, advisers, ground game”


We thank you for this great report.  It appears you finally did some factual reporting.  In doing so you vindicated what the tea party members said, posted, blogged, and pushed out as far as we could without a media giant behind us and with a small donation bucket from our tea party members.  Our vindication came with these facts made public in the article:


  • Quote:  “The ground game – paid workers who fanned out across the city to personally contact voters…”
    • Vindication:  We said the workers were PAID and we were up against a political machine.


  • Quote:  “Craig Kirby of Washington, DC, Brown’s campaign manager for the second election…”  and “Bacote, a Maryland resident who teaches canvassing techniques for the Congressional Black Caucus…”
    • Vindication:  We said “out-of-towners” were here and would frame who our mayor would be


  • Quote:  “In the end, the victory came because of all of those things coming together: the support of Republicans…”
    • Vindication:  Our questioning the cross-over of Republicans to a Democrat and asking them why they just didn’t announce they were really Democrats in their hearts.  We still encourage them to move to the correct party that they are called to instead of staying in the GOP as RINOs.



Article:  The Metro page headline:  Holland stands by mayoral race vote tally


A stolen private email among tea party leaders about the mayor’s race and how we could learn from it was put into the hands of Abel Harding.  He chose to put it into an article.  Thank you for this article.  We are proud to ask that every single vote count.  That’s been the mantra of the left so we think they were on to something here.   Joseph Stalin once said:  “It’s not WHO votes that counts.  It’s who COUNTS the votes.”



Article:  Editorial – Our next mayor has a long road ahead


“He did not meet with tea party leaders.  He should invite them to offer concrete suggestions.” 

Thank you editors!  We asked to meet with Mr. Brown over and over again during his campaign.  He ignored us.  He did not fill out our questionnaire.  He did not meet with the board.  He did not attend our Mayoral Town Hall Debate.  He did not respond to any of our requests.  We were stood up and we hope he heeds your advice.  We await his call.


So today the Tea Party can proudly say – “We told you so.”  You may have made fun of us for saying out-of-towners were here and paid workers were smoking pot outside the GOP headquarters (we called them Zombies since they had glassy eyes from the pot) BUT today you proved us right.  Thank you TU! 


And a special recognition to the team behind Alvin Brown – good job. 


We learned a lot and we’ll see you in November 2012.

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Comment by JL Gawlik on May 24, 2011 at 11:57am

This whole discussion of armed insurrection and even comparing today's situation with that of the 1770's is ridiculous in my opinion. Do you even comprehend what they were living through back in those years? They were ruled by a monarchy across the pond. They were being taxed beyond their means, they hard a well armed army standing over them and demanding taxes and honor to the King. 


We have the guidelines and architectural foundation created by our founding fathers in place, that is what we use and the truth. Here is the letter i wrote Speaker Boehner:


Sir, we were very disappointed that you tried to negotiate with the Democrats on spending and the budget that they failed to pass in 2010. From 2007 to 2010 the Socialist Democratic/Republican Progressive Liberals did NOT negotiate with the conservative GOP period.


They did back room deals with outsiders being involved in spending, legislation, etc., and you KNOW that the Apollo Alliance Foundation crafted the 2009 Stimulus bill. 


Everyone who voted for those massive bills rammed through Congress without reading them or openly debating them should ALL be fired, booted out of office, stripped of retirement, benefits for committing HIGH CRIMES against the American people, the USA, for breaking their oath of office, for circumventing the U.S. Constitution, for many ethical violations and abuse of power violations.


There are many people upset with your leadership. We do NOT want a John McCain. We want a LEADER who stands up for principles and values of our Founding Fathers. Perhaps you need to talk to Cantor, Ryan, Bachmann, both Ron Paul, and Rand Paul, many of the freshman Congressional members who hopefully are not tainted by the dangerous Washington, D.C. insiders who are taking our country to hell in a handbasket.


We are fed up with Washington, D.C. politics and the way they do business. We want to return to our founding fathers' guidelines that were abandoned with the start of President Wilson's Presidency.


NO MORE NEGOTIATING. STOP THE SPENDING, STOP THE DESTRUCTION OF OUR COUNTRY, CALL THE PRESIDENT DOWN ON THE WAR IN LIBYA and many many other dangerous things that Congress is doing. We are FED UP with UNION involvement and them being able to dictate policy especially in the private sector and with government employees, that is WHY our country is going bankrupt. Also address the 2.5 plus trillion dollars of IOUs in Social Security that doesn't mean a thing. 


Congress should of NEVER allowed that robbery of our Social Security TRUST FUND. 


Revenue has never been a problem, SPENDING IS A PROBLEM. IF CONGRESS had gone by the guidelines of our U.S. Constitution we would never be in the mess we are now.


STOP IT! Require every candidate for Congress to have great knowledge of the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, Federalist papers, also they must respect, believe in, uphold and defend the US Constitution, IF they can not do that, they can not serve in Congress. IF they break their oath of office, they are immediately removed from office.


We are fed up with elected representatives serving in the peoples' seats that are STUPID, disrespectful, arrogant, dishonorable and who have NO MORAL COMPASS.


You and your colleagues know who they are and we want you and your colleagues to help the America people to replace them with honorable, patriotic, truthful candidates to get our country back on track to prosperity.


There is a movement to replace you because the American people who worked hard in 2010 to boot many disingenuous Congressional members out of office are NOT happy with how the House handled the 2011 budget problem, and all the concessions that the GOP gave to the Socialist Democrat/Republican Progressive Liberals, they gave us NONE from  2007 to 2010.


The 2010 vote was to change the way business is done in Washington, D.C., we are prepared to find more honest, honorable, truthful candidates who will see the job through.


It has been over 755 days since a budget has been passed and Senator Reid has been very clear that he will NOT pass a budget passed by the House.


This is unconscionable and irresponsible of leadership to make such a claim, he needs to be replaced with someone who has the American's peoples best interest at heart and not their own personal political agenda.


We the people are fed up.


Communication is the key not fighting. The hard fight has been fought and is still being fought by our military and our law enforcement here in our country. It is because the people became complacent that we now have a domestic enemy from within, that is embedded in our government. We the people were NOT vigilante like we were in the earlier decades. We allowed the so called 1960 protesters many who were actually home grown terrorists, to infiltrate our schools, colleges, universities, government education system, and government. Teddy Kennedy was a big part of that movement, if you look at his politics and compare them to his old school Democratic brothers, he is a socialist/marxist ideologue. (Note here, Karl Marx never worked a day in his life, he lived off people, was a parasite, period.) That is the problem we face and they continue to lie about who they really are promising Utopia to ALL Americans which is a lie, they are backed by progressives who are actually marxist and pushing for a one world, global, UN backed socialist state and economy that they control and oversee at the expense of the American people. That is what we face.  We still have our founding fathers' documents and that is what we must reeducate people with and press on replacing every anti-USA elected representatives and weed out the evil and replace it with truth and honor. Jacksonville was not vigilante and allowed this D.C. insider to become their Mayor, where were the other 300,000 plus voters that did not even bother to come to the polls? Vigilance, apathy, that is the problem. Just my thoughts.


Comment by Robert Franco on May 24, 2011 at 11:15am

Again, I am not saying that armed insurrection should be welcomed. However, the entrenched political machine is forcing a showdown without even knowing what they are doing. Review our own American history and one will find plenty of examples where the common citizen had to resort to drastic measures simply because the ruling class (political machinery) would not listen. I proffer the examples of 1776, the Civil War, Coal Mine confrontations, 1960s. 


We are a unique experiment in the history of mankind. The human record is littered with little opportunity and destiny pre-ordained. As Americans, the opportunities are great, yet each one of us shape our own destiny and the outcome is not guaranteed. This distinction has been the catalyst for our prosperous society. 


The forces, which will do us ill, have embarked on a strategy for decades. Our schools are little more than indoctrination camps with the result of a feeble electorate. Thus, the stage for the engaged electorate feeling there is but few options available.


I am very appreciative of the work of the this site and of Billie's work. Spiritually, I hope for a peaceful solution. Realistically, I fear the depravity of mankind will repeat historical events.

Comment by Jim Ryan on May 24, 2011 at 11:09am

Our country was founded by a nation of patriots who "fought" and "died" for the right to live free.  Throughout our history men and women have "fought and died" to protect those rights and to honor that ultimate sacrifice given by those before them who refused to allow some government to control and dictate how they should live, how much they need to pay, where they can worship and practice their faith.  Having an opinion is nothing.  Being willing to die for it is honorable.  That is why liberals are condescending and need to make those statements.  The Democrat's practice the old style Soviet

expansion bayonet strategy.  Keep jabbing with the knife until you meet a resistance level.   Liberals and Democrat's talk and pontificate their opinion.  They are not ready to die for their opinions however.  Believing that potentially the opponents to their agenda may be ready, willing and prepared to do just that frightens the Hell out of them.  Cowards they are so they will lie, cheat and steal as they use the media to demagogue the Tea Party.  Bullies until someone stands up to them.  They fear that day.

A for the usefulness of the Tea Party, remember Coach:

In his book What It Takes To Be #1, Vince Lombardi, Jr. said,
"Continuous renewal is an umbrella term for anything you can do to keep in touch
with your values and your life purpose. This is a discipline that all successful
people fashion for themselves. The will to win - the will to achieve - goes dry
and arid without continuous renewal."

Comment by G richard hill on May 24, 2011 at 10:45am

I for one was never convinced Mike Hogan was the best candidate and maybe the fact the Tea Party worked harder than the campaign proved that.

On the other hand maybe we have learned that organized campaigning which worked here and in the other parts of the country where voter fraud and outside influences shape electoral results and that "playing by the rules" or "turning the other cheek" does not work in today's political arena.

Comment by J.R. on May 24, 2011 at 9:09am

Robert Franco, while you are correct about the assault on our civil liberties and constitutional guarantees being compromised---and I believe they are definitely in danger of being obliterated, I don't believe armed insurrection is either a viable or permissible solution to the problem. Keep in mind that "Big Sis," Janet Napolitano, progressive-socialist who runs Homeland Security, already believes Tea Partiers are home-grown terrorists and would love nothing more than to point to us and say, "See, I was right."  We need, instead to target the RINOS, as well as Democrats, and vote them out of office in 2012. We have a great opportunity to take back the U.S. Senate in 2012, for 24 Democrat Senators are retiring or standing for re-election, while only 10 Republican Senators are.  I like those odds.

We need to do an enormous educational outreach, as well as a communications outreach to and with all conservative and moderate media possible and have a bloggers team that will blog about the true message, mission and principles of the Tea Party and against the progressive-socialist philosophy all over the internet.  We need to put the Tea Party face out there, front and center, as much as we can, along with the faces and names of candidates we have researched and qualified as true conservatives.

We also need to be more highly visible in the work that we do and conduct a huge public relations effort, as well as a providing a vehicle for communicating our message and conservative news to the general population, especially for our county and Florida. I would like to be able to start up an alternative news source that is conservative and will include valid news that the progressiveo-socialist Times Union refuses to print. Of course, that would take backing for setup, as well as advertisers, for I can't do all that alone. I've run a website before and Roma Cox runs several websites.  And, I'm sure there are a lot of Tea Party patriots who would help. It's just a matter of doing it and getting the word out that it is available and that it supplies relevant and important news for conservatives and for anyone else in the public to read.

These are just some of my ideas and I am certainly open to good ideas and suggestions from other FCTP members.

Comment by Robert Franco on May 24, 2011 at 7:32am
We are, truly, watching our civili liberties and constitutional guarantees being compromised right before our very eyes. The two parties are in collusion with each other and we have a dumbed-down voting public where nearly half are dependent on some entitlement. While this broth has been fed, and consumed, by the sheepish electorate of other lands, we have a history of challenging those who would wish us to be serfs. Armed insurrection is frightening but may be the only factor the can evict the entrenched political machine. If this occurs, watch how surprised the oppressive politicians will be.
Comment by JL Gawlik on May 23, 2011 at 9:45pm

You can tweet or write the Speaker, just go to and you will see how to contact or tweet him also many others like Eric Cantor or Ryan Paul, Michelle Bachmann, etc..


Comment by J.R. on May 23, 2011 at 9:28pm

I agree with you, Jim. It's mind-boggling that we worked so hard to give the Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives a rock-solid majority so they could stand up and just say no to dealmaking with the progressive-socialist Democrats, and Speaker John Boehner still wants to make deals. You'd think he would have learned from getting flim-flammed on the budget, that the Democrats are going to roll him every time he takes their bait.  Rep. Michelle Bachman, who was in the running for the Speakership, should have gotten it. She presented a very good budget of her own and would never have allowed Obama to command negotiations at the White House and control the budget process. Neither would she have made a deal with him. She's brilliant and she understands the Constitution and the fact that the President has no delegated authority to participate in the budget process other than to submit a proposed budget in the hope that it will even be considered, which the House has no obligation to do.

We need to identify these establishment dealmakers and earmark hounds who are addicted to their political gamesmanship, back room deals in the dark of night, and wheeling and deaing with the taxpayers' money... then find strong conservatives to run against and defeat them in 2012.  We don't need legislators who need a detox for their addiction to legislating around the Constitution instead of according to its mandates. And we absolutely don't need a Speaker of the House who forks over his power to a usurping President hell-bent on bankrupting and taking over this government, as he finishes shredding the Constitution.

As for the Tea Party, Democrats always employ their politics of personal destruction machine when faced with something or someone they fear. They pull out all the stops to attack, smear, libel, slander, harass, bully, stalk, intimidate, demean, ridicule, and marginalize any person they observe to have promise or any movement that is growing, gaining power and influence, and having huge successes at the ballot box to put conservatives back in control in Washington. Especially, since the odds are hugely in favor of Republicans to take back the U.S. Senate in 2012, with 24 Democrat Senators resigning or not standing for re-election and only 10 Republican Senators doing so. I'd take those odds any day and every day.

Comment by JL Gawlik on May 23, 2011 at 9:05pm

You are right Jim, i was just pointing out the like minded organizations out there, some say they are but are not really and i think they are organizations that the progressive liberals have started up to throw people off. Just as there are some phony Tea Party organizations which are really easy to spot because they do not support what we do and they get into smearing people and making racist comments. 


Our numbers are building daily, people are fed up with PC, with liberals, with progressives, with socialism in any form. President Obama has a proven track record, since 2007 Congress when the progressives took over Congress they have spent 2 - 3 trillion over revenues and they will have added over $7,000,000,000,000.00 plus trillion dollars to the US Debt as of Sept 2011 and they have been running the country with out a budget, word is now that Reid will NOT pass a budget that is passed by the house for 2012. Personally i think both him and Pelosi should be impeached for high crimes against the citizens of the USA and for trying to take down our government.


They are destroying our country before our very eyes and we must get the truth out and drown out their voices on their lies and twisted facts that they are accusing the conservatives of such as taking away Medicare and Social Security. There is going to be a interview with Israel Netanyahu tomorrow on Hannity on FOX News tomorrow night. Not to miss.

Comment by Jim Ryan on May 23, 2011 at 8:04pm

I would not run away from the "Tea Party."  There is good reason why the MSM, news anchors and producers, Democratic talking points, the Shumer's and Obama administration repeatedly attempt to belittle the Tea Parties.  Fear.  And more precisely, fear of exposing the truth.  The fabric of the tea Party along with the internet has shook them up and put the fear of God in them.  They used the "its all Bush's fault" and now they need the tea party to shift the blame away from their "payoffs", bribes, union thuggery,  ACORN - Black Panther election fraud, Eric Holder's Justice Department, run away deficit spending,failed stimulus, 9% unemployment, 17% real unemployment, immigration policy failure, amnesty for vote scheme, incorherent foreign policy and the total ineptitude of Barack Obama.  The nightly news repeats over and over again that the Republican field of candidates is disjointed.  They should have an endless stream of quotes from Conservatives telling them that last election we allowed liberal sources to pick our candidate and that this mistake will not be repeated.

Then they need to add if we could pick a candidate to run against it surely would be the confused and completely unqualified Obama.  He has broken every campaign promise other than the "redistribution of wealth" pledge.   He has set in course a plan that will help assure America will lose all its standing

as a leader in the free world.  That's a platform we welcome to debate and the Tea Party is the front and center group to lead that argument and debate.  They will try to discredit and destroy us by ridicule and mocking taunts.  We need to step up.

Before it gets to late in the game however I do think we need to send a message to "our servants" and start a "recall John Boehner campaign."  Let hi travel the country on the Pelosi jet.  He should be along with all the serious candidates in Joplin, Missouri right now with the other candidates while Obama is on another extended vacation.   Every time Obama gets schools like he did with Israel he takes a flyer and gets out of town till the heat cools off.  No more deals with the devil.  Lead of get out of the way.


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