SB 2012 Girl's Sports Senate Bill - Tallahassee 4/20

Will we let the NCAA and the Cancel Culture mob be louder than us? So far they have been!  ROAD TRIP!!!!  #SaveGirlsSports

LET'S ROLL!!! Grab a friend or five and head to Tallahassee on the 20th! 

Message from the supporters with minor edits:

The Girl's Sports House Bill 1475 has PASSED! But it's not time to celebrate YET – the Senate companion Bill SB 2012 was postponed on Wednesday in the Senate Rules Committee as they are receiving a LOT of pressure from the Cancel Culture and NCAA. They have placed SB 2012 on the Senate Rules Committee Agenda for April 20th at 8:30am – 6:00pm and we need to rally every person we can to SHOW UP! Thank you for your willingness to be one of them!

You will have two options in how you show your support - speak or Waive in Support. If you speak, it doesn't have to be long. You may have as little as a minute but maybe two. Simply saying "My name is ___________ and I'm from (City). I support this bill because we support the rights of women to compete fairly and safely with other biological women." It can be that simple.

They have a full agenda and often have to limit public testimony to shorter periods as they get later in the day. If it happens that the bill doesn't get heard until close to the end of the agenda and time is running out, I'd recommend everyone Waive in Support to make sure they don't run out of time.


SB 2012 is scheduled in Senate Rules Committee on 4/20 8:30am-6:00pm. When you arrive at the Civic Center, fill out a Speaker Card. You will be called during Public Testimony when the bill is up for consideration. There are also SB 90 Elections, HB 259 Church Carry, SB 410 Materials Harmful to Minors, SB 1014 Employee Organizations and SB 1884 Firearms Preemption on the Agenda so there's lot of good stuff. The Meeting Notice is attached so you can follow through the bills.  Senate%20Rules%204-20%20Meeting%20Notice.pdf  

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