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It's hard to work all day, take care of our families and try to stay motivated to continue the drive, the energy, the force to stay the course to save our country. We all loose momentum and wonder are we doing any good.

Take a look at what has happened to our country in the past 18 months. Think about what could have happened if the tea party movement had not started. Think about how ignorant most of us would be to the happenings in our government.

We are taking a stand to…


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You’ve heard Democrats demand social justice. Now they want political justice: votes for felons, not for the military

A well documented article by Kim Priestap (a conservative free lance writer).


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Ander Crenshaw Who is Donald Berwick?

Hello Fellow Patriots,

Last night I was a caller on the live radio chat with Representative Ander Crenshaw.

He is hoping, if the Republicans can win a majority in the House, that he and a few colleagues can file to repeal the Health Care Plan, as currently passed.

I asked him if the Republican plan is to be paid for on the backs of "senior citizens, as the current plan.

I also asked him "What do you think about the Donald Berwick issue"?

He responded by…


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Last year Senator Nelson canceled town halls and was then unavailable because he was traveling outside the country. When he returned he once again had numerous reasons why he could not spare time for his constituents. I just called his local office [904-346-4500] and asked if he had any town halls scheduled, no was the answer. I expressed my desire for Senator Nelson to have a town hall, they took my name and address. Even if we don't get a town hall scheduled, why not flood the local office… Continue

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Airfare from Jax to D.C. $199

Just received a notice from Travelocity that fares to D.C. are on sale at $199. Not sure of all the details of dates, times, airlines, etc., but just wanted to pass this along. Now might be the time to get your tickets for September 12th!

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It's Time To Pony Up

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Tea Party movement across America,

My name is John Mobilian and I am a member of the FCTP in Jacksonville, Fl. My wife and I have been members almost since the beginning of the movement.

We believe we have arrived at a crucial moment in the history of the Tea Party. Since the inception of the Tea Party, we have had to endure the wrath of the liberal machine and media. We have been…


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Hello, I'm a Racist, Pleased to Meet You

American Thinker article and so true.

July 22, 2010

Hello, I'm a Racist, Pleased to Meet You

By Selwyn Duke


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Damned be the States: Long Live Centralized Government

From my blog at http://theatleeappeal.com/

This is basically the bottom line from the ruling out of Arizona. A federal judge, who came into power not by the votes of the people she now rules, but by the appointment of former President Clinton, has ruled Arizona is not allowed to defend itself. Susan Bolton ruled in favor of the hysterical liberal class over common sense. There is nothing controversial about this bill. Nothing. It is…


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Obama to Arizona: We Won't and You Can't

Federal judge Susan Bolton, a Clinton nominee, today ruled against key parts of the Arizona immigration law. The ruling so weakens the law that the Holder Justice department and the ACLU are declaring a victory over the effort by the State of Arizona to defend its borders. Here is yet again, another tag team partnership of the arrogant unresponsive Obama administration, and activist judges. Here again, the will of Arizonians and Americans who overwhelmingly support Arizona, is thwarted by the… Continue

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America's Ruling Class -- And the Perils of Revolution

A great article, from the American Spectator, on the current political climate in America and what we must do to correct it. A long, but very good read!


Enjoy, Frank

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Now Christians set to attack tea partiers

It just never seems to end. The liberal socialists keep trying to find something that will gain traction to discredit the tea party movement (so far nada). This new approach also doesn't work. But I might say, charity, in this country, should be done first by the families of those needing help, second by the churches (you know by these very same Christians that want to steal property from…


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White House Party Crashers & Illegal Aliens

A different perspective on the White House party crashers and illegal aliens!


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China credit agency says "The US is insolvent and faces bankruptcy as a pure debtor nation"

And Obama still spends and spends and spends.

China rating agency condemns rivals

By Jamil Anderlini in Beijing

Published: July 21 2010 16:22 | Last updated: July 21 2010…


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Disclose Act Vote coming Tuesday and The Future of the News under Obama

I have put these together to let you know that Disclose isn't all that is being done. Obama is going the way of all dictators and working on controlling the news and the message the people get to cement his position in power. As the article "Future of the News" indicates, in order to do what he wants to do, he will have to shut down the voice of the opposition which is larger and greater than the voice of this socialist…


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An iced tea party?.................short and to the point

Apparently this fine professor gets it!

An iced tea party?


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Secret Racism Smear by Journolist Propagandists Uncovered

Tea party members and other conservative Americans have long suspected a coordinated liberal media bias against them and in favor of Obama. When the media pile on to accuse any conservative of racism, we have suspected coordinated attacks. In addition, it seemed like the media were interested in only praising Obama, and spiking any negative stories about him. The media scoffed at the conservative concern that the media had a leftist bias. But now there is proof. From 2007 through June, 400… Continue

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The Creature(s) From Capitol Hill

Only government can create a problem, blame someone else, then make new legislation granting themselves more power in the name of protecting Americans. It is truly an uncanny display of blatant crony politics. How many times have we heard Obama and the Democrats claim “the policies of Republicans are what got us into this mess”. “Greedy banks got us into this…


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RYAN NICHOLS - Hardened Criminal?? Seriously??

If you're not already aware. This is what's going on in DC while dangerous criminals are allowed back out on the streets.  It's horrifying that this is happening to our citizens and veterans for protesting the hijacking of our election process. This is still happening! They are STILL being tortured and treated like full on terrorists. 

You may not be aware of the typical things they're forced to go through...…


Posted by Babs Jordan on August 14, 2022 at 8:44am

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